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  • Natural Hormone Therapy?

    This is not so much a question but something I wanted to share with other ladies out there. After posting this question I decided to ask my GYN if he knew of any natural hormone replacement supplements that was backed by clinical research, there is so many out there I didn't know which way to go and because of a history with breast cancer I don't want to go on HRT. He sent some information back regarding "DONG QUAI" saying is the only one with clinical proof. The estrogen found in the root mimics ours and it also helps as a calming agent for depression, mood swings, weight loss due to water retention and so on, worth reading about. It comes in caps and in root form, the root really smells bad when you boil it to make tea. Taken orally 6 per day, norn, aft., eve. and it takes 30 days for it to get into your system, the tea is faster but like I said is not very pleasant. If you have high blood pressure ask you doctor, mine is always on the low side so is not an issue for me. GNC does not carry this product Vitamin Shoppe does and is not expensive. Hope this helps some of you Best of luck to all of us

  • Whats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

    I smoke marijuana for anxiety , depression and mood swings evil . However, I just moced from Los Angeles to Las Vega , where products and legality are both incomplete . Im tired of paying $ 20 a G for shwag . Is there something I can replace easily attainable rhat marinuana looking for? Spices not a substitute ad the first person to say that salvia is a moron . Like that annoying fred says: I NEED MY MEDICATION !

  • I am Hypothyroid. What are the Best Mineral, Herbs, and Supplements For My Condition?

    I am hypothyroidism. What are the best minerals , herbs and supplements for my condition ?