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  • Sooo depressed.....?

    Just had a row with my fella.. I know somethings been up feel a gulf and all that tried to broach it this week a few times... he says i been horrible the last coupla weeks I swear I completely have no clue as to what hes talking about .... I'm stressed to hell don't get me wrong but I've done my best to keep it to myself, these last 2 weeks .... They're makin people redundant at work, don't know how safe my job is. I got a bill for 1000 for my electric .... mint. Just got that one sorted, got water bill for 400. He suffers from migraines daily, worried about underlying causes... they are legitimate. He can't work because of migraines. I live in the dark most of the time because of his mmigraines (I've learned to live with it.) I have to work harder cos he can't work. My dad is waiting for triple bypass. I pay all the bills. I do most the housework He won't except hes depressed and feels the worlds against him. My throats closing up cos I just wanna spend time with him without this..

  • Do anti depressants stunt spiritual growth?

    Whenever someone mentions they are depressed nowadays people automatically tell him to go see a dr and they put them on paxil etc - it seems very common now. Do you think this will stunt spiritual/emotional growth? itseems like it takes the pain away - but the injury is still there?

  • Where are some cheats for tony hawk's pro skater 4?

    Like for certain levels. or to make the gravity real low

  • I want to become a police officer in sydney Australia?

    I am 17 years old and have always admired police men and women for what they do and I just realized about 4 months ago I want to be apart of it. I dropped out of school in year 11 due to stress and a bit of depression and suffered from severe anxiety for a while but I am on meds now and feel a whole lot better. I understand this is a very bad thing for a police officer to have but there is no way im going to let it stop me from achieving what I want to do in life. I have planned to go to tafe and finish year 11 and 12 and try my best to get grade A marks. Then I want to go to Goulburn police academy and hopefully become a officer from there on. I have only planned this to what I have read online and heard from some friends so if I have missed anything please let me know.

  • Possible depression (I am a teenager)...?

    I'm 14 years old and have been dealing with negative thoughts for a while. A lot of the time I feel that I don't know where I'm going and I often worry about friendships, life after high school, etc. I guess it's a somewhat common thing in teen years, but I worry about it pretty much all the time. My sleeping patterns constantly fluctuate, and I have to force myself up in the morning because sometimes I just feel like I'm getting up to nothing. Ever since the death of my grandfather in January, it's been a lot worse (my best friend's grandmother died from lung cancer that morning. I felt terrible about it since my grandfather was in terrible health too and I hated seeing her so sad that I almost wished that it was my grandfather instead of her grandmother and he died that night.) I used to be a strong believer in God, but now it seems like my faith is diminishing. I want to go for depression screening, but I don't know how to bring it up to my parents. They would have a fit at the very idea that I could have depression. It's not that they don't care, just they would be so worried and I don't want them to treat me differently or anything. Also, asking if I could go for testing is so awkward. Is there any advice out there on how I can ask my parents about depression screening?

  • Why cant i improve my self? What am I doing wrong?

    At the beginning of this year i decided that it was time that i got out and made my self into something. For the first 17 years of my life i have been a loner. I'm a quiet and shy guy and have no problem being by myself with my cat and just relaxing. but it's getting boring doing nothing and watching everyone else's lives develop. So, Just turning 17 i wanted to get my license, get a job, continue doing well in school, get out around town and have fun with people, continue doing the sports i love, and get a girlfriend. seeing as i'm moving to a new town i thought it would be a chance to start a new life. Well, so far all i seemed to have done is lie to myself. This last semester at school resulted in the first class that i failed, and now have to go to summer school. My mom isn't letting me get my license due to my grade. I hyper-extendd my big toe so now it painful to walk and can't do any of my sports. I have tried my luck with 3 girls. The first one said no because she liked someone else, i didn't spend the time getting to know her and was just a first timer mistake. the second girl lived in my new town, lived ten minutes away from me, told me she liked me. I made plans with her to hang out over the summer, and she has just stopped talking to me for no reason and didn't tell me anything. So, i moved on met another girl that lived down the street from me. She invited me over to her house last Friday and i though yes! finally. Went over and just hung out with her for 3 hours and it turns out she's in a relation ship with someone starting yesterday and as far as i know it's not me. Right now i'm thinking about giving up, three strikes i'm out. This is all really depressing. i'm also not sure if i'm going to put this into the right category it's kinda a mixture of a few. If there was a "life" one i would put it in there.

  • Could I be Bipolar? or do I just experience normal highs and lows in life? and is bipolar real?

    my partner thinks, i am bipolar, so do I infact. I experience daily highs and lows that are sometimes together. In fact watching stacy in eastenders the other night, really hit home, when my partner said that it was like me but I was not as extreme. I am always scared that people are plotting to kill me aswell. I dont want to go to the docs as we have researched this beetween us and it strongly appears that I do have it, scoring highly in all online screening tests, everyone also says that i am very paranoid, although I have good reasoning for most. I dont want to go to the doctors as I am scared that the UK does not know enough about bipolar, and am scared of being tagged mental by people. I am also scared of how the meds will make me feel. The highs usually occur after very little sleep as I struggle to sleep aswell. the fact that I am writing this and aware of it must be a plus. what do you recommend I do, I have a partner who loves me but says i am defo bipolar, and we also have a baby. Boy. I am not suicidal ever, and I would never do anything to harm either of them. my partner describes me as the nicest person in the world when on a high and fast talking, but very negative when on a low. these are rapid cycles that occur daily to every to days. Could I beat this without going to the doctors and without medication? Please help anyone, whats my next step, I have even come across suggestions that bipolar is not real???

  • Is this a good enough reason for Caltech's medical scholars program?

    I want to apply to Cal tech early action so that I can apply to their medical scholars program (you get accepted to Cal tech and then are screened for their medical school at one of the UC schools so that you don't have to apply when you finish your undergrad). This program is for people who are sure they want to be doctors. I have good grades (4.00 UW and 4.72 W) and good test scores (34 ACT, 800 math level 2 SAT, 780 bio SAT 2). I have a few good extra curriculars (volunteer in hospital, intern in a law firm, and I'm going to Cambodia over the summer to build an orphanage, among a few others) and I took 5 APs this year (I'm a junior). I LOVE math and science and you can see that in my classes (I took 2 sciences this year, did science stuff over the summer, ect). I know I want to do something with math and science but the reason I want to be a doctor is more personal. I was hospitalized from the end of my freshman year of high school until the end of my sophomore year. I had some really great doctors and some really bad doctors, and well from there it's kind of an emotional thing. Some of my bad doctors made me feel so helpless, degraded, and sent me into depression, but the great doctors I had made all the difference and they saved my life. I guess I want to be a doctor so that I can help people that way because I know what it feels like to feel so helpless. This is why I want to be a doctor and it works out well because I have always loved science. Do you think this reason gives me a shot at getting into Cal-techs medical scholars program? I know it's kind of corny, but that really is my reason.

  • Why do i have uncontrollable delusions?

    i don't have schizophrenia or depression so that's out.

  • What are the physical affects of abuse?

    im 25 years old and was healthy till recently. i got into a car crash and broke alot of bones and i have walking problems and am disfigured and have bone desnity issues and heart problems from the injury i had a hematoma on my heart. i was fine i was doing well getting by each day with enough energy and hope for the future. the main problem was my pain and mobility problem. i have trouble walking. i walk slow like a senior but now i have new symptoms., im normally a strong girl but recently my sister became abusive to me for the last 5 months non stops shes been hitting me every day sometimes with sticks or metal sticks or heavy objects or throwing things at me she lunges at me daily and scares me and screams at me and makes threats and says odd stuff. her speech slurs. she does things to try to sabotage me like she dosnt let me sleep at night. i need to stay up sometimes because i have a hard time getting food because i cant lift stuff or move my arms in certain directions. so i was waiting till a certain time to go into the kitchen to get food and she began to block the kitchen and wouldnt let me get any and i couldnt go to bed without food because i was dizzy and i cant lie down if i feel faint and didnt eat in almost 24 hours also the emotional abuse causes alot of pain she used to be nice to me. im going to a preist about this because some of the stuff she says is odd and i think it might be religous related im a religous person and this abuse seems more than criminal especially a sudden personality change and the stuff she says also i have tried cops in the past because other family members abused me and they didnt help. i tried social services too. but right now shes the one who brought this new abuse and i reAlIZED IN THE LAST LIKE MONTH i lost energey. i feel very depressed and hopeless. i have no energey maybe its from always fending for myself and not eating. or the beating? im not young now i used to get beat like that when i was 12. i was a kid and would run around all day now im in my 20s with health problems maybe its heart related? but new symptoms or maybe abuse related? anyways she is moving away soon. but im worried, we had a relationship.a cool sister sister relationship we used to be friends and now shes attacking me but ill talk to the preist about that and yes shes been mental health screened and came out negative her shrinks think she has social anxiety im so week now all the time and careless. i stopped caring about myself and ive been depressed before and wasnt week. so its probably not from depression i just feel bad that others take me down and try to harm me when im trying to care for my well being and raise myself to a level where i can function i want to go back to school and walk down a hall with a backpack but i cant. i cant barely walk or bend and i have pain and no arm strength also i noticed our house in infested with fleas. a neighbor brought their dog over when they dropped something off and since then everyones been bitten and i have bites all over my legs. like polka dots on the bottom of my legs maybe the fleas bite and make people lethargic? mo0squitos dont do that but fleas maybe? i dont know i just need to take care of my health and then get the heck out of this tangled mess. and get to a preist and fix whatever might be happening. or family counseling or whatever if the preist dosnt know

  • I'm like kind of depressed right now?

    I've been like this before since I was 12. I've been depressed sometimes and it just comes and goes. I feel very weak, apathetic, want to sleep a lot, lonely, slow moving, and generally just very unhappy. The only thing that makes me smile anymore is going to the beach. It's not like I'm pouting, I just don't smile. My sister, mom and grandma are bipolar and I know I'm not that because I'm no where near as severe. So it's probably just regular sadness, but anyways what can I do to cheer up?

  • Invasion of my privacy?

    When I leave my room for a bit, my mom comes in and goes through my phone, looking at my text messages and my computer, looking at my chats. She thinks I don't know but it's pretty obvious when my phone is flipped over and my chats are open on the screen when I minimized them. This is not the first time she's done it. It's pissing me off because this is an invasion of my privacy and disrespecting me. Yeah, she's my mom, but if she wanted to know what I'm doing, she can just ask me. She doesn't need to be going through my privacy like that. I don't know what to do. I don't want to make a big deal out of it because I'm pissed off by her actions so I might not be able to control myself. I can't talk to her because she won't listen. For example, 1-2 years ago, I told her I think I have depression because I've been crying for no reason, feeling sad all the time and even thought of dying but she didn't even listen. "That's normal for your age." She said something similar to that. So what should I do? I'm a Junior in high school now and a female. I'm pissed off because of what she's doing, and more pissed off being she's disrespecting me. And I'm already stressed out over other things.

  • What's wrong with me?

    Yesterday night -- er, I guess very early this morning -- I had to go to bed and try to fall asleep because I was freaking out. There was no apparent reason, but my heart began beating very fast and my chest began to hurt. I became a lot more focused than I usually am, and every time I tried to close my eyes, there was sort of a strobe effect. I couldn't stop it, and it was weird, like a really quickly refreshing screen. Then I started getting unwanted, unstoppable, and strangely scary thoughts of a stick falling toward me. The intrusive thoughts weren't violent, but they were upsetting. Occasionally certain muscles would tense or shake a little bit, especially in my arms and chest. It helped a little to have pressure on my chest (like laying on my stomach or, briefly, cuddling up next to my sleeping girlfriend) and it also helped a little to do a grounding exercise my counselor taught me ("Here and now, I am aware of ___.") After about 45 minutes I calmed down enough to fall asleep. Since I woke up this morning, I have had a hard time focusing on things, both mentally and just plain visually. I feel foggy and dizzy. I don't have any more physical complaints, but my head feels really weird. What's wrong? Did I have a panic attack? Or some other sort of psychological event? (I have had a panic attack once before, but it wasn't quite like this. I do have a history of psychological issues including depression and anxiety though.)

  • What happened in the boy-band Super Junior?

    Why is there a Super Junior-M? Why are they getting fewer and fewer? Will KiBum be back in Super Junior?

  • Are there free anger management classes?

    I am a 17 year old male and I have a ferocious and explosive temper. I cannot control it at all and my dad said that if I have another rage that he is kicking me out. Money isn't one of the things that we have a lot of. Is there free anger management classes for people that do not have a lot of money?

  • Will I pass thc drug screen...?

    I was a regular to heavy smoker for a few years. I have been clean for 14 days tomorrow which is the day of the test. I ordered test strips online and took three tests yesterday (12 days pot free) after 2-4 urinations and all of which were clean. I did not attempt to dilute prior to tests and in fact was most likely dehydrated. I did however test "mid-stream" samples. That said, my samples were relatively clear (conundrum?). Anyway, this morning (13 days pot free) I tested the my first and second urinations first part of urination (not mid stream) and both came with positive results. I then drank 12oz of water and proceeded to test the "mid stream" of my third urination. This resulted in a negative result (sweet!). So if I am able to urinate 4 times, consume 2-4 cups of coffee, and at least 32oz water prior to drug test, I should pass- correct? If my urine seems too clear I understand they might consider it an adulterated sample but this is a pre-employment screen for managerial posistion not probation or anything so I'm hoping their assumption will be "he is just well hydrated". Thoughts? Thanks!

  • Can we just agree that mental cases shouldn't be allowed to own guns until they prove they are sane?

    I'm talking about people who repeatedly indicate that they are mentally insane.. I'm not talking about people with minor depression or people with anxiety, I'm talking about the hardcore nuts like the Colorado guy. Instead of talking about banning assault weapons and making it harder for people to defend themselves, how about we talk about not allowing basket cases from owning guns until they show that they are sane.

  • My friend ditched me am I being petty?

    well basically we are both starting the same college tomorrow and she said she'd call round my house on the way and then i said you can come round earlier for lunch or something if you want and she agreed. but then she sent me a text saying can she meet me at school instead because she's meeting up with another girl instead coz it's her first day but it's my first day too and I feel a bit pushed aside what should i say/do?? xx thankyou xx