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  • Is it possible to get over your first 'love'?

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem and how they dealt with it? I dated him for a year when I was 15. He ended it because I was a bratty 15 year old. We were the same age but I was very immature and treated him poorly. the first year after our break up I literally cried every day. Not exaggerating. After that it got easier but I'm not sure I have completely healed. I met another guy in high school (now my husband) and since the beginning its been rocky. I was very niave and sheltered so I didn't realize he had a drug problem. I was 16 years old and an idiot so I took him back. We are married now and he's cheated and hid drugs from me still today. Sometimes I'm happy but most of the time I am miserable and filled with regret for the things I wish I wouldn't have done to my first love so we'd be together today. I am still married because regardless of what he's done to me in our marriage he is my best friend and my "comfort zone". I also don't want to divorce because it is a sin. Anyway sorry its so long but has this happened to anyone? Any advice?

  • What effects could this cause later in my life?

    I am 13 and a couple months ago I attempted to commit suicide because I am transgender and depressed. Most of the time I am able to get through the day fairly easy but sometimes I get out of control and do things like hurt myself, slit my wrist, or attempt to commit suicide. One night my parents went out to a party and left me alone with my brother. I lost control of myself. I felt so much psychological pain and that the only escape was death. So I went down stairs, I opened my parents liquor cabinet I drank around 3.5/5 of a gallon of christian brothers brandy, a full magnum bottle of red wine, and about 2.5 cups of a vodka martini and that is all i can remember. I fell down the stairs and passed out and my brother called my parents and the hospital. I woke up the next morning in the hospital and the doctor said it was a miracle I was alive and that I had a deadly amount of alcohol even for adults. I was just wondering if i dont ever actually commit suicide later in life will this experience effect my life when I grow up?

  • What exactly is rehab?

    What exactly is rehab and what do u do there? and is it expencive? If it is expensive how expensive do u think it is??

  • Can someone catch my up in Degrassi?

    Okay so the last episode I watch of Degrassi was where Anya pretended to be pregnant with Sav. Sav was in an election of president with Holly J. Holly J was angry at Anya because Sav won because Anya pretended to be pregnant. Also, Holly J was with Declan. Declan's sister, Fiona, hated Holly J because she felt Holly J was stealing her brother. Fiona got a black eye from her boy friend, Bobby. TODAY I was flipping through the channels and I saw Degrassi. I use to love that show so I started to watch it. NOW I realize, Holly J has a "medical condition" involving her kidneys. Holly J is dating Sav. Ally just returned home from running away. Fiona just got back from rehab from her drinking addiction. She went to trial for Bobby's violence. She is best friends with Holly J and she is lesbian for her too. So, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

  • What do I do about this guy? Help!? I know this guy, he is a friend of mine.We have been friends for about a year,maybe year and a half.Anyways, when I am around him I feel all these strong feelings for him. He also has VERY strong feelings for me.I have felt this way pretty much since the day I met him and we tried to date once,but I stopped it and this is why... He has emotional problems and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and OCD,plus depression and maybe one other...not for sure.Now,that doesn't bother me too bad b/c I have experienced a lot of these problems myself,but I have learned to overcome them for the most part,or at least cope in healthy ways.HE however uses pills and alcohol to numb his pain.He won't talk much to me about these things,but he knows that I don't like them,but since we are not together he said he sees no point in giving them up.I feel like he thinks me being with him will cure everything,but I know it won't.I care for him deeply, but I don't want to date him like this. HELP!!!

  • I think my friend has Borderline Personality Disorder?

    My good friend has been showing signs of mental instability, which I'm wondering might be related to borderline personality disorder. Let me give a short outline of what's been going on with him: According to a neurologist he has some brain damage, most likely from taking too many drugs (especially E) and drinking too much as a teenager. His neurologist said this brain damage could manifest itself with bipolar symptoms, especially that of mania (or mixed mania). This was some time ago, and my friend has been convinced ever since that this is the best explanation for his behavior, which can be quite erratic (I'll get into this a bit more). As young kid (10 or so) he engaged in a few acts of self-mutilation. I don';t know the extent of what he did, but I have seen scars on his arm from cutting. He comes from a pretty good family, although had a fairly abusive older brother. By the sounds of things the physical abuse was perhaps a slightly more extreme version of common fighting amongst brothers. My friend has not been taking drugs (other than pot) for a long time, but from time to time will go on a brutal drinking binge. He is careful to get the vital minerals etc in his diet to avoid such things as thiamine deficiency. Recently, he has been abusing prescription medication, particularly Benzos, but not opiates. He may take huge doses of these, such 40-50 ativans in 2 days. He will usually drink heavily while doing so. I've noticed that he may become paranoid and delusional when intoxicated or even just very drunk. His is fixated on exaggerated fears of persecution, harping on about him or his family being in danger of being killed by gang members, for instance, although he has no affiliation with gangs. His mood changes drastically, as he goes from manic states to serious depressions very rapidly. He's had random nose bleeds a couple of times recently, although he hasn't been snorting anything recently. I'm afraid he will accidentally or intentionally take his life, harm some else, or land up in jail (he already got in a wreck while drunk, and spent a few nights in jail). He becomes very confrontational with friends and family when he's drunk, and generally responds pretty badly when people try to intervene and help him. Do you think he could be suffering from Borderline?

  • I've never been through anything tragic, yet I'm very depressed?

    Hello, I'm 18.5 years old and have had low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, OCD, and an eating disorder since I was 12. Not all disorders at once though. I've considered suicide since I was only 12 years old. My father is controlling and probably could be considered verbally abusive, and he and most of my other family members abuse alcohol. I grew up around a lot of fighting and now my parents are divorced. However, nothing overly tragic or impressive has happened to me. But I still struggle is that possible? Could it just be that my mind is sick? Sometimes I wish that something bad had happened to me so I could at least justify how I feel. Could somebody explain this to me? Thank you xx

  • Heat F Beasley goes into rehab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    is it too bad for the heat? answer plz thx!!!

  • I am depressed i think?

    I am 18, i freshman in college. I went out of state of college to a school where i know nobody. I have been in the closet bisexual for a long time now.. my girlfriend and i have been doing long distance for the past two month while i've been away. almost nobody in my life knows about her. she just went to rehab a week ago. i haven't heard from her since even though she told me she could make calls after the first three days. on top of that I just feel so depressed. there is no other way to describe it. i am so embarased because i can't even go to class, i cant get out of bed, i cant do my laundry. my parents have given me the WORLD. they have raised me so amazingly and have worked so hard to give me the BEST life any person can imagine. they are paying out of state tuition so that i could go expirience life outside of my home state. but now that i am here i just can't do anything. i am so ashamed and i know if they knew this was how i was feeling and that i was failing out of school they would be so sad and upset.. and i just can't do that to them. but i don't know what to do. i've never felt so alone or sad and i can't stop crying. please help. i am all the way across the country from my family friends and my girlfriend and i just feel so hopeless.

  • How do you stay sober without AA?

    How do you keep up sobriety without going to AA? I have been sober six months now and currently live at a supported independent living center, a sober house. I am not dual diagnosed, they opened it up to people with just mental issues, but I do have a history of using alcohol at times to self medicate when I wasn't on the right medications. I do get triggers at times to drink, when I smell alcohol at a restaurant. It's only a slight feeling, a feeling like, 'oh that was nice, it used to relax me,' if that makes sense. I am committed to staying sober for life, but I have mixed issues about going to 12-step groups. Some people say they are necessary for sobriety, that since it is a disease it is impossible to stay sober without treatment in committing to a higher power. I believe however that there is choice involved with it, and don't believe that I am totally helpless to a trigger or a craving, that they can be overcome with the right coping tools. I don't hang out with people who abuse alcohol anymore and who have depression, I keep my boundaries clear. Honestly while there were times where I abused alcohol, I mostly did it to 'fit in' instead of my own cravings. When I did attend AA I didn't relate to anyone there, and literally felt like I was lying when I said that I was an alcoholic...when they asked if I obsessed about it or had cravings for it I didn't, and when they shared stories about going to rehabs and running away from them, and drinking bottles to themselves, I thought woah... I can't relate. Even though I know it's not always about how much you drink it's the consequences, but I feel that it is different. Anyway I'm just influenced by other people's opinions, my therapist thinks that I am not dual diagnosed and don't need AA--but the case manager here thinks I could benefit from it. I however feel like I would benefit more from Al-Anon because I have been more of an 'enabler' in my past, instead of the one abusing it more I've tried to save people and been co-dependent on people who were abusing it. To sum up my drinking history, I used to drink a glass or two of wine a night, almost every night in order to help me sleep (while I was depressed at my last job). I thought it calmed me down but I think it interefereed with my medication. I quit it cold turkey when I started to feel really depressed and had an episode.. then when I told a dual recovery counselor about it they basically diagnosed me as an alcoholic. When I had my manic episodes the most I drank, usually, was about 4 drinks a night.. so if you look at it by how much I drink it wasn't considered to be all that much, but still, I just don't want to pick up a drink ever again and worry when I hear that I could be an addict that I might just do that. I don't think I'd ever drink myself into oblivion, though. I just think that I wasn't on the right medications and that's why I was self-medicating, but I wanted to know if this seems like I should give AA another shot.

  • What can I do to cope with the stress and depression of drug abuse?

    Hello. I am a teenager addicted to marijuana and a habitual liar. My family has grown to resent my mere prescence. I know that I deserve their distrust and am entering a rehab program. I desperately need help overcoming my depression and stress in a healthy way.

  • Would you buy this book based on this synopsis?

    William Matthews lives with his three week pregnant wife Jennifer, their four year old daughter Emily, their six year old daughter Daria and their eighteen year old daughter Mallory. William and Jennifer have a strong bond in their commitment, but that bond is broken the day Jennifer and Emily are involved in a terrible car crash that ends her and Emily’s life. William is tremendously devastated by the loss of his wife, his unborn child and his four year old child. He goes through two stages of grief: The extreme and immediate outburst of sorrow, and the act of denial. William tries to hide his grief from his children as he informs them of their mother’s death, but he fails at it. He further tries to hide his grief from his children and other family members by immediately planning his wife and child’s funeral just hours after their death. William tries to cope with his grief, and the responsibility of taking care of his children as a single father by putting all of his time into working on the job, but he finds stressful problems following him there when he receives a call about Mallory’s three weeks of skipping school and the several warning notices that were sent home about her fighting with the teachers and students. William knows his daughter is acting out because of the death of Jennifer and Emily. As he spends several days trying to work out matters with Mallory at the school, he becomes distraught when he loses his job. His problems increase when he discovers that his sister is in cahoots with his children’s school to try to take the children away from him. William feels he’s at the end of his rope as he fights in the court to keep his children, and his suffers an extreme nervous breakdown when the judge orders the children to be temporarily removed from his care. As a result of this, the children break into severe emotional sorrow and William falls into deep depression and unbelievable despair. He feels he has lost all hope and when he eventually becomes homeless, he turns to drugs and alcohol to ease his sorrows. However, it is when he’s about to attempt suicide that he’s visited by Jennifer’s sister Beth who gives him strong words of encouragement. With Beth encouraging William to reclaim his children and his life back, he goes back before the courts to get his children back, but he finds it isn’t an easy task. However, with severe pleading from William, the judge gives him a choice: He has three months to get himself off of drugs, find himself a good paying job, and a suitable place to live. If he accomplishes all of that in the three month period, he can regain custody of his children. William feels this will be a task that will be impossible for him to complete, but with Beth’s encouragement and assistance, he checks into a drug rehab center, but he finds that getting off drugs isn’t that easy as he suffers several relapses in a one month period that causes him to go through enormous pain in trying to get clean. Beth tries to help William as much as she can but knows he’s going to need more than just her help. It is during this time that she introduces William to someone he has never known about in his life—God. Beth’s introduction at first is ignored, but as William realizes he must try something better than what’s been in front of him, he accepts Beth’s offer of God. However he finds that his problems don’t vanish away because of his acceptance of God, but through him, William finds new meaning to the words “perseverance, faith and strength”. He uses those skills to fight pass the pain and get off drugs. In her assistance, Beth helps him financially in finding a place to live and through his discovery of God; he attains the motivation he needs to endure. He finds several hardships trying to find a job that will pay enough to take care of himself, but as he holds on to his faith in God and in himself and he finds eventual success. He has accomplished all three goals but then disappointment hits him again—despite accomplishing all three goals, the judge orders that the children stay with his sister for an additional six months, until there is assurance that William is completely capable of raising his children. William is severely heartbroken by this; he feels that all of his hard work and belief in God hasn’t gotten him anywhere but to failure. He wants to give up, but Beth encourages him that what he is experiencing is just one of life’s tests to see if he will maintain his faith or give up and quit. William is tempted to quit, but after several tears, and hard work to maintain a stable lifestyle he proves that he’s capable to be a father to his children and the blessings come in his favor and he is granted his children back. As the year comes to an end, William finds himself finally able to reclaim his life back with his children and they all eventually reclaim the joy they had before Jennifer and Emily’s death. As William and his children think back on all the lessons they learned during the year, there’s one lesson they remember that changed them forever—the lesson of how to live life after death.

  • What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy?

    I'm trying to figure out which career path would suit me better, but I never understood the difference between these two. Also, how to these differ from recreational therapy?

  • Is it ok to name my son after my wife's dead ex husband?

    I met my present wife at an emotional rehab center,her ex had passes away in a car accident 2 weeks after their marriage,and my mom had passed away and during that time I was going through severe depression.If it wasn't for my wife's ex(his death)I would not have met my present wife.My wife is the person who brought this subject to my attention.

  • If your husband were an alcoholic and had been for years?

    and was finally diagnosed with liver damage...would you be upset that he was in and out of the hospital and not working much? my step dad has been an alcoholic for as long as i have known him(im 21 and ive known him since i was like, 5). he always drank a couple 24 packs a day. finally a few months ago he landed himself in the hospital and they told him he had liver damage. he continues to drink and since the hospital stay he has been in and out of the hospital and rehab and he has depression. my mom keeps getting pissed off at him and telling him that he needs to get a job or get out or she will be leaving. the way i see it is, drug addiction and alcoholism is a disease that needs to be treated just like any other disease, and it needs to be treated properly and with lots of support from family. when he DOES stop drinking, she leaves him to go out and do her own thing, locks herself in another room, etc. what would you be doing if your husband was like this?

  • My mum swears at me constantly every day?

    Hi my name is Sebastian and I am very scared of my mum as I said my mum constantly swears at me and has a violent temper, every day I try to bear through it although today was an exception she swore at me and said I was bullShiting her when i said no i am not bullshiting you she said how dare you talk to me like that I said what have you the right to talk to me like that every day and she said because I am your mother. I relly dont understand my mum stormed of after and went home I really feel sad inside sometimes I wish I could run away... suitable answer only plz....oh yeah for most of her reasons she says I have a bad attitude but I am nothing compared to teenagers out there being rude and abusive thanks for feed back

  • Teenage addiction to marijuana?

    Say there was a 16 year-old Canadian female, who has experienced many traumatic events in their life time, who has a family history of clinical depression and lastly, has used marijuana on a chronic basis for 2-3 years now. (2-5 grams/day) This girl has dropped out of high school twice now, but only manages to hold down a part-time job at a fast food restaurant to support her "Habit". She is 104 pounds at 5'7, lives on subsidized housing and welfare with her mother and twin brother (whom was emitted to the hospital for attempted suicide twice), and they both smoke marijuana as well. Aside from "rehab" which costs a lot of money, what could this mess of a girl do to get back on track? I believe shes got some underlying issues with her family, but they refuse to seek Professional help. Shes scared for her future, and is terrified of falling into the trap of a more dangerous drug.

  • What does it take to go to rehab for depression?

    im depressed and need rehab but no one else thinks so what will it take for them to see it

  • Is it alright to tell her that her problems are always valid and that she deserves help for any alcohol issues?

    I'm writing a note to my older sister, because I know if I try talking to her I'll wind up stuttering and messing up what I want to say. I'll mention the note to her as well (after I set it in her room, she's out now). The reason I'm doing this is that she got into some legal trouble and asked me to write something about her yesterday (I thought it was for court, so that impacted what I wrote, and I was paranoid about messing up). However, I think it was actually to determine if she needs counseling. She already took it to the person she had to give it to though. What I want to write in the note is that her problems matter to me and that she can always talk to me (I've told her this before, but this is different). Then, I want to write that if she's worried about her consumption of alcohol she deserves help (it's what got her into trouble). See, I overheard her telling her friend that she thinks she's an alcoholic. I'm really worried for her, because up until now I don't think she saw how serious this stuff is. I don't want to have accidentally discouraged her from getting help. I'm scared I'll offend her or hurt her though. I need to tell her that I wasn't trying to invalidate her in my letter though (I wrote that it didn't cause issues with her friends or her family, because right now it doesn't, and I was so scared I'd get her into trouble due to my own stupidity and inability to write a proper letter). I love my sister very much, and I'm really afraid of having hurt her. Is writing her a note a good idea? Should I mention that if she's concerned about her use of alcohol she deserves help and that I'm here for her (I don't want that to sound mean though)? Also, I've never had anything to drink or done any drugs (I also had to say something about her and those in the letter), and I'm worried it will be offensive coming from me (I'm actually completely crazy, but my sister's friends told me she thinks I'm accomplished and stuff, so will it sound cruel coming from me? I just happen to deal with stuff differently than she does, and while my ways of coping are secretive and not illegal they're definitely deranged). I don't know, but I feel so consumed with guilt and worry over all of this. I really appreciate you having read my post.

  • Am i eligible for SSI?

    I'm 20, currently on zoloft and valium for depression, anxiety and ocd. I've gone to therapy but stopped months back because of anxiety. I live with my parents and have never had a job due to these issues. My parents are very supportive but it takes a toll on them financially having to support 3 adults as well as my teenage brother, so i'm trying to figure out if i can get ssi to support myself while living under my parents roof. Any info or personal experience will really help me, thank you.