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  • If I can't get a Criminal Justice Degree.. what should I get?

    Okay I'm going to college does not have a criminal justice program . But they seem to have a lot of alternatives .. as sociology , psychology and even Pre Act - ... If I want to be a cop , what degree should I get if I can not get a criminal justice degree ?

  • Disblity Fraud help. I am desperate. 10 points for an answer that helps me.?

    My disablity benefits worker discovered that I am working on my Masters . I get about $ 22,000 a year for college . I can get a copy small portion of surplus funds . Now they are investigating the issue and was told that the $ 22,000 a year is about the amount qualfied for all benefits . I am very scared because you can only get back $ 2,000 each disbursement , that is 6 months. What I can do? What I can expect? In my undergraduate program that did not have my losans as income. I work in the feild of pychology . I can not get a job without a master's degree in psychology . It's too late now I have $ 40,000 of college debt . What is considered welfare fraud ? They said they may owe money to the government ? What exactly is going to lose. Will I lose my health insurance? I want to use excess funds for college expenses not living expenses

  • Younger moms and older moms: What were the advantages/disadvantages? (read below)?

    First, some background : I have 23 years ( Feb. 24 ) and I have been married for three years, living together for four. My husband will graduate from college in three months , and I will graduate in late May '09 . In the future , I will enter a graduate program in psychology . We both have job opportunities lined up for after graduation . Now the real question : After having a child , do you think having a baby at a younger age (ie , treated so that should soon after graduation ) would be beneficial in terms of child health, get my body ( you know I had to ask) , energy level , etc ? For those of you who waited until their thirties / thirty years to have a child , or those with a second or third place in those years , what is your opinion . My husband is happy with the idea of ​​having a child with me , and he has experienced because younger children have a brother who is 10 years younger and a sister who is 5 years younger . Sorry for all the details , I just want a bit of experience with the entry . Thank you all !

  • Sitting at crossroads in life, College, Workplace, I'm so frustrated :(?

    So here is my dilemma , High over, jumped straight to college , I did a semester of psychology before realizing , as much as I love helping people , I could never listen to cases of nuts to live . Then he made a police two years Diploma Foundations , halfway through I realized that no material police and never would be , but ended the program anyway . I live for sports and recreation , but lack the skills and ambition ( highschool ) to pursue a degree in something like sports therapy or anything of that nature. I love helping people , I. .. love sports and being active , I love traveling , I love a lot of things , but I do not know what my

  • Help me out with my life?

    I went to a community college for two years but basically wasted my money and time because they knew it important to choose and I was too lazy to not focus on one class, I was 16, but now I'm an adult . I have 19 years now . I'm going to Concord University . While I am in the DA program , I met some people who graduated from school and keep telling me I'm wasting my money because college noncredit Concord . I just want to finish the program and already started , I do not want to waste my money and stop going there. I am very disappointed in myself . At this point , I want to study Sociology and Psychology , so I want a two majors . It'll take forever to graduate . I do not work at the moment because finincial aid is helping me pay for education . But it will help me after this school concord. What should I do now ? start working , which is 07 am-5 pm or DA time work while going to school ? Or just work

  • Trouble finding a college?

    What are some good colleges that have excellent programs in psychology ?

  • My NEW plan.........?

    I'm in the Pre -AP program at my HS , so I'm forced to take a lot of AP courses . I want to attend selective colleges that accept less than 20-30 % of applicants . Should I take dual enrollment courses over the summer? First Year : AP Human Geography Algebra 2 Honors Health Science 1 Honors ( Academy of Medicine ) Honors Biology Spanish 1 Physical Education English 1 Honors This summer : Art Appreciation , Theatre Appreciation (2 dual enrollment classes @ community college , I need an art elective to graduate and want to do it now ) Second Year : AP Biology AP World History Honors Chemistry Honors Precalculus English 2 Honors Health Science 2 Honors ( Academy of Medicine ) Spanish 2 Next Summer ( I hope) : Spanish 3 Honors ( @ ) , 1 dual enrollment field ( science class ) @ community college ( depends on the amount of summer give me HW ) Third Year ( tentative ) : AP Calculus AB AP Chemistry AP English Language AP Statistics U.S. AP History SAT Prep Honors Lab Medical Assistance ( Academy of Medicine ) Summer: College Algebra ( dual enrollment ) Senior Year : AP Calculus BC ( groan! ) AP Environmental Science AP Psychology U.S. AP Governor

  • Does it matter where I get my undergrad degree in psychology?

    Does it matter where I can get my bachelor's degree in psychology ? I go to the University of Delaware. I'm a huge Psych , Spanish children and Studies of Human Development and Family minors who attempt Honors graduate . Will it make a difference if I move to the University of Maryland , College Park for my bachelor's degree ? It's cheaper than UD for me , because I live in MD ( ~ 30 vs ~ 18k ) . I can not find any information about what program is best psychology school , although Maryland is limited seating.

  • Major in psychology minor in spanish?

    You know what? I am very frustrated . I've been in college three years with the intention of entering a nursing program . I have done wrong in my prerequisites except for anatomy and physiology class that I had to re-take . I was wrong . This class could derail me and make me not go pushing me into a 4th year of college with nothing . You know what? I do not care because I really did not want to become a nurse in the first place . What I really want to do is choose a graduate major, and start supporting myself . I'm tired of relying on my parents and want to be alone now . I plan to pursue a degree in psychology and a minor in Spanish , and get the hell out of college in about 1-1.5 years. I can find a job ? Entry level paid 30.000 to 45.000 with these educational credentials ? I love to work in an office especially in government . What are my chances of working with this title ?

  • College Admissions Letter (tell me if you think this is good) or what changes I should make to it!?

    Ms. Susan Myers , My name is Leeann Crails . I'm a senior at Calvary Day School in Columbus . I recently applied to South Georgia , and was accepted into the Eagle Incentive Program . I would love to participate in the EIP program , I think it's a great program and I know I excel in it . However, the invitation said that if you have taken college classes may not be admitted to the program . I took two college classes , English 191 and 191 on Saturdays Psychology Thursdays and Tuesdays after school . I B in these two classes , but I would be willing to fall if it would help get me in the EIP program . I've taken the SAT three times and can not seem to get my score above a 960. I know I have what it takes to be a great student , but my Sat reflects not only that. South Georgia is an absolutely wonderful school and I have wanted to go there for a very long time . My goal in life is to be a teacher and I know South Georgia would be the best place for me to go to reach that goal. I was hoping to be admitted as regular accept for the summer semester . If given the chance , I promise you, I would go above and beyond as a GSU student . I know this is the school I'm supposed to go . Even if your decision is to not accept me , I'll keep working as hard as I can until I just know that this is the school I'm supposed to go . I really appreciate you taking the time to read this , I hope you all have taught it would be a great addition to an already wonderful school . Thanks again for reading this , Leeann Crails

  • Which colleges (preferably in California) would be best if I were hoping to obtain a PhD in Psychology?

    You can be a college and a graduate school , but have the best programs I want to do ?

  • I want to major in Nursing, but I don't know if I'm taking the right college courses?

    Therefore, I am a freshman at a community college

  • I am completing my B.S. in Psych at Cuny Csi and planning to apply to Brooklyn college cuny anything specific?

    I need to know about being accepted into the MS program in school psychology ?

  • Anyone know about Forensic Psychology?

    I received my BA in Psychology and now want to pursue a master's degree in Forensic Psychology - I'm about to take the GRE next week , so I'm starting this process . I know that this specialty is a very small , but still, I am surprised to find how difficult it is to uncover information on programs throughout the U.S. . Does anyone know anything about the programs than those of John Jay in New York and Michigan State ? Specifically in or near San Diego ? Also, being a year of college, what are my chances of getting into a PhD program ?

  • Can someone please read my essay?

    This essay is an internship I am applying. The internship is to do research laboratory in psychology. The views and comments are appreciated. Also, if there are any common grammar error as subject-verb agreement, please point them out. Thanks Prompt: Describe how your participation in a summer research program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and contribute to their future career plans . I have thought about becoming a psychology laboratory researcher. Being a psychology research lab has many needs, and analytical skills and have a college degree. The summer research program includes components that can help to meet these requirements. The intensive tutoring program that would support includes unlimited, such as motivation, advice, honesty and guidance of a more experienced, who helps me overcome obstacles because of my disability hearing disability, ethnicity (Hispanic) and gender (female). Being from underrepresented groups may bring obstacles as stereotype threat in that stereotype can hurt my performance. To overcome these obstacles, I need motivation to continue to become a psychology lab researcher, honesty of my obstacles and guidance of more experienced great achieve my career goals. I can find these through intensive mentoring component of the program. The research experience I gain from participating in the program would help me develop skills, especially those that I need to be Hispanic, female Hearing, required to be a laboratory researcher. You need to have strong skills working with qualitative data, analytical skills for data analysis, writing skills to write publications and speaking skills to present and explain my major findings that contribute to society. Being bilingual, however, means that English is not my native language. As a result, my grammar, writing and speaking skills are not up to par, however, I can improve my skills by participating in the program. The skills gained from participating in research projects of the program can take my future works, as my thesis and works for my career. I would be exposed to the methodological techniques that I can use in my future work. Therefore, these techniques are crucial for me to use as my thesis and the jobs done during my career. Participation in professional development component would help me learn to look professional when I am applying for employment or presentation of my work, even if I am hearing impaired Hispanic female. The impressions are important to. One should look as if he or she would be a major component of the company to work for them. Therefore, one has to be commercial and professional look to make a good impression. However, being Hispanic, female hearing problems can prevent a professional look because of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination in relation to Hispanics, and hearing impaired women that exist in society. Therefore, it is important for me to have people see me as a professional and not professional because of my background. The weekly seminars professionals, specifically the preparation of applications for graduate schools, I would benefit from a better understanding of graduate schools that I need to have because it comes from a family and community that do not emphasize have a graduate degree. My relatives in my generation are able to obtain a bachelor's degree but not a graduate degree. Therefore, I find that I have to have a degree, for the moment. Striving for a degree then beyond that, such as a Ph.D., overwhelms me. Therefore, the program will facilitate the process to go to college to be a condition to be a laboratory researcher. My participation in a summer research program and contribute to my future career plans by obtaining the items that each of the components that I offer. For example, in preparation for seminar applications to graduate schools, I would provide an understanding of the importance of applying to graduate school. As a result, the elements won since the program are combined and integrated into what I have to do to become and be a psychology laboratory researcher. Therefore, I would be able to achieve my goals to address the issues that I would try my research career in psychology laboratory.

  • I need to know simple info about Canadian grad schools?

    I'm in my last year of college in the United States , but I want to go to graduate school in Canada with the intention of becoming a legal resident and eventually a citizen . I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get into a Canadian graduate school with a degree from an American university ? Besides, where I can find information about the schools that offer graduate programs ( I'm looking psychology ) and the application to graduate schools not from outside Canada ? If anyone can point me in the right direction for information , would be very grateful . I know the information is there, but this process is just a little too hard to take on my own, so thanks in advance!

  • What colleges aren't art schools, but have a reputation as 'artsy'?

    I'm looking at colleges and I am confused as to where to find an ' artistic ' that the school is not an art school . I'm still between psychology and art / photography as an important so I want a school with an artistic atmosphere in school and a good art program , but a good psychology program also . This has emerged as very difficult . If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. ( Oh, and I'm looking in the Northeast / Mid-Atlantic area . )Thank you !

  • Which college program to enter? please help!?

    I'm pretty sure I want to be an occupational therapist . There are five programs a few years where you can get your bachelor / master in five years. I'm debating if I should do it or get a degree in psychology and then go to graduate school for two years and get a master's in occupational therapy ?

  • Who took nursing programs, is it hard? i wanna take the courses but im scared, can ?

    i talk to the university about nursing counseler said I have to take anatomy1 , physiology1 , microbiology20 , Bio3 , math115 , English 101 , Psychology 1

  • Why do people like certain things in others?

    I did not quite know how to ask the question , so I'll do here on the best terms . What makes people like certain things in others? For example, I do not know why , but I 'm attracted to Asian girls who are smart and wear glasses . Do not know why , but I am. However, other people like different things , and some people are attracted to girls Spanish / Mexican , many girls love British boys, etc. Do you see the point I'm making here ? Do the things you are interested in having any effect on what we like in others? For example : I'm actually in the field of medicine and biology . I'm a medical student at my university majoring in Biology . Does that really have anything to do with why we are attracted to certain types of people ? What about the kind of music we listen ? I hear many of the 80 rock and post- hardcore . Most people hate my music , but I think it is expressive . How does that factor in ? Personality ? I'm the kind nerdish (not the kind you see in movies. Lol ) I'm not social at all. Do not party. Education is a priority for me . My hobbies range from reading and playing electric guitar . Do any of these things really have an effect on what we like and we like genetically programmed to certain types ? Is there some kind of environmental influence has no control over this ? Hopefully someone with a bit of a psychology background can answer this. I'm baffled .