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  • Nursing school complications?

    Hi all ... So I just started a nursing program , but I'm not doing so well . I've been depressed for so long is killing me . I can not think , sometimes feel I can not do anything . I lack motivation to keep going . It's taking a toll on my soul . I do not know what to do . I can not stand that I'm a failure . I work so slow it takes me hours to do something . I felt a call to do nursing at age 14 or so ( I have 20 now ) , but in the recent turn of events in recent years , I do not know. I'm not stupid or anything, it was a right of a student in high school and scored a 26 on my ACT . I just had a very hard experience with the university for the past 2 1/2 years and I 'm so lost . I still want to be a nurse but I seem to be struggling so much. Psychology / spirituality and I 'm really interested in majoring in psychobiology and seek advice . Does anyone have any experience with the university struggles intertwined with personal issues and how to overcome it ? Thank you.

  • Can I get accepted into the industrial organizational psychology masters program at Baruch College CUNY?

    I have an average of 3.3 .

  • What steps should I take to become a president of a college or be involved in higher education administration?

    I am currently a graduate student in college and I have plans to major in psychology and participate in this program my teacher certification . I read that one should have a master's or doctorate in higher education administration . Which do you think is more beneficial ? A M.A. or PhD? or should I get a master's in higher education administration and a doctorate in psychology and MA in psychology and a doctorate in higher education administration ?

  • Help me out with my life?

    I went to a community college for two years but basically wasted my money and time because they knew it important to choose and I was too lazy to not focus on one class, I was 16, but now I'm an adult . I have 19 years now . I'm going to Concord University . While I am in the DA program , I met some people who graduated from school and keep telling me I'm wasting my money because college noncredit Concord . I just want to finish the program and already started , I do not want to waste my money and stop going there. I am very disappointed in myself . At this point , I want to study Sociology and Psychology , so I want a two majors . It'll take forever to graduate . I do not work at the moment because finincial aid is helping me pay for education . But it will help me after this school concord. What should I do now ? start working , which is 07 am-5 pm or DA time work while going to school ? Or just work

  • What are my chances at Holy Cross in MA Early Decision?

    What are my chances in Santa Cruz Biology / Pre Med Early Decision? I'm at a prestigious public school in New Hampshire. I'm interested in pre-med and major in a science and a foreign language. Here's a bit about me: 4.0 GPA unweighted Failure to submit results 6 of 213 Harvard Book Prize Most of the honors and AP classes (8, 6 Honors AP) Here is the program of junior and senior calendar year Junior: AP Stat, APUSH, Honors chem, honors PRECAL, psychology, English, French 4, economy Senior:. AP Bio, AP Calc, AP French, AP Calc BC, botany, meteorology advanced creative writing, Shakespeare, Physics Extracurricular Activities: School Class treasurer and treasurer Executive Council of Interact club community service NHS Executive Council Students 4 Students mentors French Tutor (volunteer) Math Tutor-primary school students (voluntary) 200 hours of hospital volunteer 13 years Greek School (4 additional credits secondary) Fluent in Greek Greek School Teacher Assistant (Volunteer) Captain Varsity Basketball-1 year 2 Summer Program Week on Johns Hopkins Hospital - received college credit Several awards class Greek Dance Part of the Johns Hopkins CTY Medical shadowing this summer I'm Greek Caucasian because I know that matters to some universities ethnicity. Thank you. Please give me your honest opinion, even if it is negative. I have also shown great interest. I went to an information session, campus tour, my interview went very well, and I have been in contact by email with a pre med student and director of pre med program. I also go to program views in October. My recommendations will be very good, and my essay is good too (I'll get corrected a lot of times by English teachers). Does anything good do better?

  • Should I become a psychologist?

    I'm having a very difficult time choosing a college area , so bad she can barely breathe. I have taken several career tests and all have come up with the same thing. I have strong communication skills , work well with others , artistic, creative , and works well independently. The results have been constantly architecture , interior design , psychologist , costume designer and fashion . I am currently in my last year of high school and attend a vocational school . My area is the development and program design. I have one of the highest grades in the class and I am very good at what I do , but every time I see greater potential that always end up back in psychology. Should I take this as a sign or am just thinking about it. I would appreciate all comments, but not the most pleasant . If you need any additional information , please let me know .

  • What college would you recommend for me?

    I'm looking to see what college is for me . I want a challege and I want to be an architect . I live in Ohio . I do not care that the university put down , but as long as suits / challenge me. Here are my sports , grades,

  • Please! What are my chances of getting into BS/MD with...?

    Age: 15 (birthday in September, so it will still be 16 to enter university) Current Grade Level: Junior (looking ahead) Ethnicity: Native Overall GPA: 3896 (unweighted at my high school ... very hard) Freshman courses ... Year - Physical Education / Sex Education -Spanish 1 -Advanced Algebra 1 -Literature and Composition 9 - Orchestra - Us History Science-Physics Sophomore Year Courses ... -Literature and Composition 10 -Biology -Algebra 2 (test geometry during the summer) -AP World History - Orchestra -Chemistry 2 - Spanish Courses for Young ... Year -British Literature -Pre-Calculus 3 - Spanish - Orchestra -AP Chemistry -AP U.S. History Next year (last year) Courses ... -AP Biology -AP Government -AP English AP Calculus AB- -AP Psychology / Economics? - Orchestra My extracurricular ... -Science Olympiad -National Honor Society -Key Club -A.C.T.I.O.N. -Varsity Tennis -200 Hours of volunteer work at the hospital from - Orchestra -Tutor Leader-LINK - The Student Council Which of my chances of getting into a program of BS / MD? What are my chances of getting into regular schools following ... - Brown University - Princeton University - Northwestern University - University of Michigan - UCLA - Stanford University Thank you so much! You are helping me a lot!

  • Do I have any chance of getting into an Ivy?

    Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school. As you can tell from the question, my dream school is Stanford. I hope I'm on the right track, but it can be assessed whether or not I am. In my school, we follow the quarter system, so you are able to finish a class in a semester rather than a full year. That makes it even more difficult to complete an AP class with a cause that is twice as fast, and are being tested constantly. I am one of those children who can not go to sleep without doing your homework and I'm always super organized. People call me a nerd, and some call me "mean" intelligent, but who cares what they say. I do not! I'm doing this so that I do not have to rely on my parents for the rest of my life, like the rest of my family does. It's the sad truth, but I know I have a chance and I'll make the most of it. Classes Freshman Year: First Semester: English 9 (A / A), Honors Geometry (B / B), Spanish 2 (A / A), and one year of PE (A / A). Second half:. Honors Algebra 2/Triginometry (A / A), Biology (B / B), Introduction to Technology (A / A), and Social Justice (A-/ B) Freshman Year GPA:. 3.69 weighted, 3.75 weighted During my first year, I was naive and did not pay attention in class, ever. I was texting all the time, and my parents were fighting and I had to change cause ID houses often get in fights with my mother. It was difficult, but I managed to get a 3.75! I have not done any extracurricular activities because I thought I only get good grades lead to a good college, but soon discovered that it was exactly the opposite of what I had planned. Classes sophomore year: Fist Semester: Pre-Calculus Honors (A-/?), Chemistry, AP World History (A /?), And Spanish 3 (B /?) Second Semester (A /?): AP Psychology , 4 Spanish, English 10 Honors and AP Calculus AB . Sophomore GPA:. Weighted 4.0, 4.5 weighted In my school, people usually taken for its calculation senior / junior year and cooperation along AB

  • What college options do I have?

    I'm thinking of doing the International Baccalaureate ( IB Diploma ) . I'm just a sophomore , but what are some colleges that ( a) accept ib diplomas ( b ) have good psychology and German programs ( C ) and have good swimming and / or water polo good programs ? ( I prefer to swim rather pole , but I'll take either ) I'm looking for general information here . Thank you !

  • College Admissions Letter (tell me if you think this is good) or what changes I should make to it!?

    Ms. Susan Myers , My name is Leeann Crails . I'm a senior at Calvary Day School in Columbus . I recently applied to South Georgia , and was accepted into the Eagle Incentive Program . I would love to participate in the EIP program , I think it's a great program and I know I excel in it . However, the invitation said that if you have taken college classes may not be admitted to the program . I took two college classes , English 191 and 191 on Saturdays Psychology Thursdays and Tuesdays after school . I B in these two classes , but I would be willing to fall if it would help get me in the EIP program . I've taken the SAT three times and can not seem to get my score above a 960. I know I have what it takes to be a great student , but my Sat reflects not only that. South Georgia is an absolutely wonderful school and I have wanted to go there for a very long time . My goal in life is to be a teacher and I know South Georgia would be the best place for me to go to reach that goal. I was hoping to be admitted as regular accept for the summer semester . If given the chance , I promise you, I would go above and beyond as a GSU student . I know this is the school I'm supposed to go . Even if your decision is to not accept me , I'll keep working as hard as I can until I just know that this is the school I'm supposed to go . I really appreciate you taking the time to read this , I hope you all have taught it would be a great addition to an already wonderful school . Thanks again for reading this , Leeann Crails

  • Which colleges (preferably in California) would be best if I were hoping to obtain a PhD in Psychology?

    You can be a college and a graduate school , but have the best programs I want to do ?

  • I am completing my B.S. in Psych at Cuny Csi and planning to apply to Brooklyn college cuny anything specific?

    I need to know about being accepted into the MS program in school psychology ?

  • I need to know simple info about Canadian grad schools?

    I'm in my last year of college in the United States , but I want to go to graduate school in Canada with the intention of becoming a legal resident and eventually a citizen . I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get into a Canadian graduate school with a degree from an American university ? Besides, where I can find information about the schools that offer graduate programs ( I'm looking psychology ) and the application to graduate schools not from outside Canada ? If anyone can point me in the right direction for information , would be very grateful . I know the information is there, but this process is just a little too hard to take on my own, so thanks in advance!

  • Which college program to enter? please help!?

    I'm pretty sure I want to be an occupational therapist . There are five programs a few years where you can get your bachelor / master in five years. I'm debating if I should do it or get a degree in psychology and then go to graduate school for two years and get a master's in occupational therapy ?

  • Could I take 13 credits over the summer? If some of them were online?

    I'm planning to do an LPN program at my university that begins in August . I want to finish my pre reqs for the nursing program by Associate LPN tme wth I'm done and I have this summer , and the next 12 months after that. I get the most done in the summer because LPN is difficult. the

  • Temple University Nursing Program?

    I applied to Temple University for its nursing program . I was wondering the following: - How competitive is the nursing program ? - What is the overall GPA to enter the program ** Could someone give me their personal experience with the Temple ? Also, here is my current standards . - 3.3 GPA - 530 Writing , 470 Critical Reading , 500 Math SATS - 23 ACTS -College Courses taken in high school BIO 171 Human Anatomy

  • Good colleges with good pschology major programs?

    I'm a junior in high school , and I live in Westchester County, New York . I am in need of a decent list of some colleges that offer a greater good psychology program and at least a halfway decent language program and I plan to minor in French . Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance . These schools can only be in the favor northeast, ie . NY , CT , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , etc.

  • What colleges have the best psychology programs?

    The name of the university , the state , the city , if you know.

  • What are some decent psychology colleges?

    Every website I look only to the school referred to as Stanford , Harvard , Cornell , University of Pennsylvania , and schools like that . I have an average of 97 and I'm only in my second year of high school and do a couple of clubs . I doubt I can get into schools like Stanford and Harvard so I'm looking for some good universities , but realistically , with good psychology programs . I appreciate the help