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  • The branch of psychology that studies how a persons behavior,?

    The branch of psychology that studies how people 's behavior , thoughts and feelings are influenced by the actual , imagined or implied of others is called : A.cognitive psychology B. personality psychology C. developmental psychology D. social psychology

  • I am really interested in psychology, so what kind of books would you suggest I read?

    I know that psychology is a very eclectic field of study , so I realize that I know what I want to study subcategory , but I do not. :/ Any book will do, whether theories , psychologists , or an overview of the different categories . I'm mainly interested in cognitive psychology ( how the brain works , how people think , etc )

  • Psychology Homework help? Can't find the answers to these?

    1 Which of the following statements is true about naturalistic observation ? one . It is to observe the behavior in its natural context b. It's basically the same process as objective introspection c. This is the behavior observed in the laboratory without taking formal notes or using computer technology to measure the experimental findings d. It recreates the natural conditions in the laboratory as close as possible to make a valid experiment . 2. The early outlook call Gestalt psychology has become today's perspective is called : one . behavioral psychology b. social psychology , c. cognitive psychology d. psychoanalysis 3. What is the best analogy for the mission of Wundt and Titchener for psychology ? one . a table listing the basics of chemistry b. a list of the types of clothing sold in a retail store c. a computer program for word processing final work d. a list of courses required for graduation 4. Which pair of scientists share similar viewpoints of behaviors? one . William James and Wilhelm Wundt b. Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson c. Carl Rogers and Edward Titchener d. B. F. Skinner and Max Wertheimer 5. What is one similarity shared by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists one . They have the same training experiences after college b. They are abnormal behavior as the result thereof causes c. They get the same graduate degree d. They diagnose and treat people with emotional and behavioral problems

  • If i want to major in cognitive psychology, do i need math classes?

    If I want to specialize in cognitive psychology , do I need math ?

  • Is a double major in Computer Science and Psychology too hard?

    I have really wanted to get my doctorate in psychology and become an investigation. cognitive or social psychologist , but I also want a backup plan in case my plan does not work psychology . Do I have to worry? After my love for psychology , I also love computers . I want to have a successful career

  • Cognitive Psychology: What are the practical implications of memory failure?

    What are the practical implications of the failure of memory , form a cognitive psychology perspective ? A good answer will be rewarded !

  • Is cognitive psychology really just the science of killing people?

    Cognitive psychology is really just science to kill people ?

  • Psychology 10 points help?

    24. What is the approximate capacity of short-term memory ( Score: 2) ? 3 items 7 items 10 items 12 items 25. A Native American man is the only non - white in a planning board . Discover who is out of many informal meetings where other group members actually decide policy . You can be a victim of : ( Points : 2) Standard double exceptions theory glass ceiling figurative characterization 26. The behavioral expression of prejudice is known as : ( Points : 2) intolerance stereotypes ethnocentrism discrimination 27. An executive of a lonely woman sitting on a board of 10 board members . The male members of the board are often asked to make presentations at trade conventions , the most important step in the considerations for the presidency . Ever wondered . She seems to be a victim of: ( Points : 2) naturalistic observation the glass ceiling Discrimination reverse institutional prototypes 28. What is defined as

  • I need answers regarding cognitive dissonance, 10 points to best answer.?

    I need a list of movies that are largely based on cognitive dissonance . Films involving characters and a theme at least. Its for a psychology project.If any of you could do this for me I will pay 10 points .

  • What kind of Psychological Perspective is this?

    You are a psychologist trying to understand the eating disorder called bulimia . Do you think the neurological dysfunction that causes this behavior. In which of the following perspectives is most likely what you believe? A. biological psychology ( psychobiology ) B. cognitive psychology C. Gestalt psychology D. psychoanalysis E. None of the above .

  • Major at UCI..Psychology(Cognitive Science) or Psychology and Social Behavior?

    Hello I am interested in the fields of affective neuroscience ( the study of the neural mechanisms of emotion ) and behavioral neuroscience ( biological psychology ) UCI has two great psych 'm not sure what I should be low .. I am interested in these issues as the relationship between emotions and behavior deregulated , neurotransmitters , brain circuitry and basic biological processes underlying normal and abnormal behavior , brain disorders , Parkinson's disease , Alzheimer 's disease , and the study the biological basis of mental illness (schizophrenia , eating disorders , Borderline Personality etc ) ....

  • How is psychology is practiced today?

    How is cognitive psychology and behaviorism is practiced today?

  • Whats a good topic to related cognitive psychology to artificial intelligence?

    I have a presentation due to my cognitive psychology class . Be AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is related to it . However, I am lost on how to present this topic . It is so wide . I wonder if you have any suggestions or a thesis or a specific focus in this area ?

  • Is positive psychology just a fad?

    I read books on positive psychology . With all due respect , but where 's the beef ? It seems that only an incomplete approach of cognitive therapy . I think it's very funny

  • What school/field of psychology does sleep fall into?

    Schools are biological , humanistic , behavioral , cognitive , psychoanalytic , socio -cultural , and evolutionary positive .

  • What explains the mind and body together as one?

    Neuroscience , heuristics , cognitive psychology , or implicit association ,

  • What are the 5 different types of psychology?

    Not the 5 ( I think 5 ) different types of psychology . Behaviorism , Humanistic , Cognitive , Psychoanalysis and environmentalist . Is that all ? It is something that has been learned in General Psychology . Thank you.

  • What is the difference between cognitive biases and cognitive illusions?

    The two terms seem to be used in the literature of cognitive psychology , but could not find a clear distinction in their definiiton - when it comes to

  • Change Blindness?which psychology textbook?

    Does anyone know of introductory psychology / cognitive psychology textbook has a chapter / Information on change blindness

  • Which type of psychology has scope in future?

    As you know, there are several fields of psychology ..... as cognitive, developmental , personality, neurological , social , etc I'm interested in psychology , I have not decided what field exactly . So I was wondering what you take lots of possibilities , and at work , money and the future ? Thank you very much .