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  • What is cognitive psychology?

    I am studying psychology in a few weeks ( if all goes well ..) So I thought I'd see some of the things that I would be studying . I've looked a bit , so I can understand her about the ways we think .. but if anyone knows anything or has studied psychology - that would be helpful :) thanks

  • Can you beat anxieties without medication, but instead using cognitive psychology?

    I was taking Lexapro , I withdraw from it without consulting my doctor , its been three months know. The first month was horrible, I thought it was going to commit suicide ( but I did not I'm still here ) know I feel much better , I have anxieties occasionally , but I do not want to take any medication (I refuse to , Lexapro was taking all my aggressiveness away , I felt like doing nothing most of the time , I had a very

  • How would a cognitive approach in psychology explain a crime?

    What would a psychologist using the cognitive approach say about someone committing a crime ? How can this approach explain antisocial behavior ?

  • Aspects of Psychology?

    Evolution or Revolution ? Choose two early theories of psychology and determine if a

  • How can you relate topics from cognitive psychology to your daily life?

    For example , how does one explain the attention in playing poker or any activity at all?

  • Psychology Terms: nonverbal cognitive performance, dual-task paradigm, etc.?

    I'm doing research so that you can improve both how to help my children with homework, and better academics discuss relevant issues with their teachers . Please give a brief explanation of any of the following terms : Maze test Elithorn Main criteria for dual task paradigm cognition Nonverbal cognitive performance nonverbal cognitive performance Concepts Summary mental functions mental processes versus inference Abstraction Concretization / specialization Mental Imagery psychomotor speed Psychomotor speed test Longitudinal Study The T -Test Sites that give evidence that I can give my children to determine if they have a brain injury , cognitive problems , etc. are also appreciated. Thanks for your time .

  • Need help with a psychology assignment?

    I have a list of some people / events / experiences that have influenced my development and has made me the person I am today. He says things including physical personality , cognitive and social areas . Be under

  • In cognitive approach in psychology, how this approach related to human learning and moral behaviour?

    Hello this psychology question anyone could please help me find answers . thanks

  • How should i tackle cognitive psychology study?

    I will be studying this year and read some of the books and finding it really hard to understand . I mean ... What are you talking bout when explaining marrs three levels and what is the difference ? ? ? How I can study and get good grades ?

  • Need some opinions for this psychology question?

    Consider Piaget stages of development . According to his theory , all adults should be formal operational thinkers . Do you agree that all adults are formal operational thinkers ? As an adult , what are the benefits of being a formal operational thinker ? How would society be different if humans stopped cognitive development in the preoperational stage ?

  • Where can I find Psychology papers about cognitive learning styles or Psychology term papers in general?

    Where I can find articles on learning styles Psychology Cognitive Psychology or long-term roles in general?

  • Psychology Help?! Thanks!!?

    Match the correct answer in column B to column A. Column A Column B ** ****** Psychology A) This approach considers that human behavior is the result of rewards and punishments . Charles Darwin B ) He studied animal behavior as a way of understanding human behavior . Sigmund Freud C ) He is closely associated with the behavioral approach . William James D ) This approach considers that our thoughts influence our behavior . John B. Watson E ) He inspired others to believe humans can be studied scientifically . Behavioral approach F ) The scientific study of mental processes and behavior. BF Skinner G ) is closely associated with the humanistic approach . Carl Rogers H ) was known as the father of American psychology . Cognitive Approach I) , studied the impact of emotions in human behavior . Wilhelm Wundt J ) reported that our personality develops at the age of 5 or 6 years old. Thank you guys so much ! Still I have like 40 questions left in my review and I only have 20 minutes to complete ...

  • Why does Sumo athlete show less emotion expression than people who playing soccer or smack down?

    I am a collage student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Indonesia. I want to learn more about the relationship between cognition and emotion . This issue is explained in my cognitive psychology class next week .

  • Psychology Question about "cognitive scripts"? HELP!!?

    So I'm writing an essay on cognition and AP Psychology deals with what aspects of cognition affect the decision- making process and implementation for choosing a college to attend. How is playing a role ? I do not even really understand what the scripts are . Please help !

  • Where you see the future of cognitive psychology developing? especially in fmri scanning?

    Where do you see the future of developing cognitive psychology ? fMRI scanning especially ?

  • Adolescent Psychology: Kohlberg and Piaget vs Erikson and Freud (Cognitive reasoning)?

    Teens, ages implies (12-18), is a time of mixed emotions and mixed messages, but not the greatest minds of psychological development disagree without knowing the fundamental thought of Adolescence. Kohlberg developed stages of moral development, which describes six levels of moral thinking in three different levels. The maximum level that is capable of reasoning from the perspectives of all those involved in a case. Now Piaget who developed lists degree of cognitive age of 11 or above capacity for abstract thought to correlate with the level of thought Kohlberg final. But Piaget mentions that some people never get to these stages of higher thought. But here is where Erikson is different. Erikson developed social development, where at age (11-13) will and thought bent on establishing identity and it was not until late adolescence focuses on love (other people), and has a long period of time stretching. And finally Adorable psychosexual development Freud lists around that is completely entertaining oneself. And the pursuit of pleasure, following impulses. Now, when you think about the context of: higher level thinking that the whole place to think what relatively different in terms of time or ignore it completely. So the question arises: Can we establish a timeline for the higher level thinking true? And they are able to reach this level adolescence of morality and cognition? If so, is becoming a trend, along with development principles that humans have evolved cognitive abilities ... if so what is the cause? Is this evolution?

  • In cognitive psychology, what is the reason that names are difficult to remember?

    In cognitive psychology , what is the reason that the names are hard to remember ?

  • Psychology - Physical &Cognitive Development in Adolescents?

    Someone please help me , my teacher is asking for a report on the Physical

  • Which careers can be pursued with a Cognitive Science degree?

    I'm interested in cognitive science because it is all these things interesting as psychology , linguistics , etc. I was wondering , high end that I can continue racing after that , with more education ? I mean high end as well-paid jobs , 70,000 / year or more . I would be willing to be in college however many years it takes