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  • Can gum disease be cured with TCM?

    The dentist said my friend needs root canal done and need root canal for a tooth that is diseased roots

  • OTC for anxiety?

    I was wondering if anybody knew of a good otc product for anxiety? I have been researching the internet as well as past questions on here and have come up w/either St. John's Wort or Valerian Root. The problem is, the research I have done on St John's is it is used more so for depression, which I do not have, and Valerian Root is used for insomnia, which I also don't have. I just have anxiety and get bad nerves. So I am worried if I take Valerian in the mornings, it is going to put me to sleep or make me tired, when really I just don't want to feel anxious. Does anyone have any experience with either? I have never taken, so I could be completely wrong? Or if not, do you know of any different otc medications that are just for anxiety? Thank you in advance!

  • Marijuana Interactions?

    What interactions have you noticed with marijuana and prescriptions you take? I can't ever find reliable information on this and I find it rather disgusting that doctors and pharmacists aren't willing to discuss it more given the medicinal uses.

  • What are the most common ailments treated by acupuncture.?

    What are the most common conditions treated by acupuncture. ?

  • How can i get a marijuana reccomendation?

    what condition do i need to get a marijuana license in los angeles

  • Has anyone ever taken melatonin for sleep?

    I have insomnia and I was a witness to a really tragic incident the other night, I have not been able to sleep and when I do I have nightmares, I finally got my ambien filled but my dad gave me some melatonin tonight and says it works wonders? anyone had luck with it by chance?

  • Valerian Root Side Effects? (herbal supplement)?

    So I've been taking Valerian Root for a few weeks now to help me sleep and I was just wondering if there were any side effects

  • Can you get a medical marijuana card if you have anemia?

  • Im getting my medical card in California what should i say in order to get it?

  • Please any one provide information about root type Ginseng root?

    Other info are botanical name "Panax ginseng C.A. Mey." and latin name is "Radix Ginseng" Please tell me abt the websites also.

  • Getting a new job and have to deal with insomnia and getting up very early. Any suggestions?

    I have the luxury of being self-employed as a web developer and I do most of my work from home, but a recent job offer will change all that. I have to be in the office at seven in the morning, and I am thinking that means I will have to get up at five and go to bed nine. This will be hard for me considering I am insomniac and though my medication helps me fall asleep it makes me sleep through the alarm clock and puts a drag on my morning. Anyone out there know how to deal with sleep issues such as mine. I take 100mg of Trazadone and 9mg of Melatonin each night to sleep, and I am used to getting up at eleven.

  • Were do they sell valerian root powder at??

    I have chronic insomnia and heard this helps a lot, were do I get it at?

  • Most popular medicinal herbs for garden?

    I am starting a Chinese medicinal herb garden and just wanted to know what are some of the must have herbs that I should get?

  • Melatonin doseage and Usage?

    I have been taking prescription sleeping pills on and off for years for chronic insomnia . I have tried melatonin in the past, but I can not remember what dose I was taking. I know that the few times that I took and the dosage , which made me feel awful ! I have a bottle of tabs 3MG .. What is a good dose to start . I do not use the whole of Lunesta due to concerns of dependency ... If I can get a good dose of melatonin work think it would be much better as it is a normal occurring substance in the body ...

  • What is medical marijuana prescribed for in Arizona?

    I wonder if anyone has had personal experience obtaining health card in AZ , and what condition it was prescribed . There is an obvious list of conditions that marijuana is treated , but I need something that works without proof ( documentation / medical tests ) . Arizona is not as lax as the California system , so it has to be something more legitimate. Thanks for the help !

  • How can you get cannabis legally?

    I heard that some people can legally possess marijuana for smoking. How can you get legal for use ?

  • Question about Valerian root herbal supplement?

    How long does one mg Valerian root capsules 450 stay in your system? Is Walgreens also has passion flower in it. Also valerian root interfere with birth control ?

  • What are the common side effects of methodone as you dosage gets lowered?

    My boyfriend is on methadone and it's like it's not even interested in me . Like he does not want to touch me and do not want to have sex with me . He does not want to do things with and is constantly blaming his methadone , saying he is on a lower dose so not their fault . All he wants to do is get drunk. So I was wondering if anyone knows the side effects of this drug as the dose is lowered .

  • What are some good non narcotic sleep aids?

    I have a problem sleeping at night. I work full time so it should not be a problem. but for any reason whatsoever. I'm not taking any narcotic sleeping pills . Are there any good ? suggestions ? thank you