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  • What could I do with a Psychology degree?

    Im in high school and I'm thinking about what I want to major in when I go to college ... I was hoping to do the Pre Law or maybe Psychology . I'm interested in psychology and possibly a child psychologist , but what other job oppurtunities are there with a degree in psychology ?

  • Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

    I enjoy working with children as they currently do now , but if I can get a degree in psychology what career options do I have? It really bothers me to see what some parents ( including foster parents ) can do for kids . I would work to get them out of these homes , but I'd hate to have any interaction with those who do evil . What are the career options with the kids ? Thank you !

  • Have some questions about psychologists in Australia?

    I've decided I 'm going to study child psychology when I leave school and want to know . What op score do I need? What are some good universities offering the course ? Do I need a master ? How long do I have to study ? Is it better to study on site or off ? If you can help that would be great I'm some kind of idea bit here .

  • What are some legitimate home based jobs??

    I am a single mother with two small children and I suffer from fibro myalgia and am trying to continue my career in Psychology . I really need to know some online jobs I can do full time and earn money GREAT ... I can not afford daycare for my youngest child .. and I'm desperate to work from home and keep my family together. HELP !

  • Am I being emotionally oppressed?

    I am a 46 year old , well traveled , well-educated woman . I am the mother of three children, the eldest had died in my arms at age 18 after a bout with cancer 5 years child . Subsequently , I lost my career , my 22 year relationship and marriage , a comfortable home and ultimately the life of my son . Above all , in an effort to learn how to teach my two younger children the way forward , I moved back to my parents' house and started taking classes at a local college masters . Through trial

  • Psychology BA degree and working with young children?

    If I pursue a psychology degree I will be able to work with young children ? My psychology professor babies tested view , responsiveness , hearing and other related tests . The work sounds very interesting . A bachelor's degree is enough to make this work , or any work with young children ? Finally , what would a masters in psychology allows me to do career wise? Thanks for all answers :)

  • How do I get a good job?

    Hi , I have 24 years and my work background is in retail . Since I had my daughter last year I went to work part-time because she is 18 months, I think it's back to work full time. But I do not feel like working in the same sector and that is because I would like to consider a career brilliant work , not only for me but also for the future of my son . I would be happy to do office work , the only problem is that agencies do not seem very inerested in hiring people like me , bcause like they say they are paid to hire workers with experience in this area . At my age there is nothing apart from a couple of organizations , including

  • Im in my freshman year of high school,and have a few questions about college?

    I started my first year in high school, and I'm confused about what they should do to prepare for college . 1.What do I have to do (besides getting good grades ) to qualify for even a school ( I have to take the SAT , etc ? ) 2.I want to go to Cleveland State University , I would like to get a degree in some form of psychology ( I want to be councilor for children and a rehabilitation counselor so what classes I need , or what extent I have to get ? 3.Whats the average cost of all this ?

  • Becoming a Psychologist?

    I am interested in starting a career in psychology . I began my studies in psychology in 2009 where he studied at the University of Phoenix for a year before transferring to my local university . I was not impressed with the curriculum at UOP and I felt I was not getting the proper education needed for the price I was paying . I also was not impressed with the credibility of UOP , I guess it has a big effect on my career and employment opportunities as a psychologist . The problem is that my local college only offers an associates degree , which is then expected to transfer to a state university to continue my education . What I want to know is what are the best schools to earn a doctorate ( over time , of course you need to start with a BA ) in Florida ? As a psychologist , is there a difference if you went to a state university ? Does it affect his credibility as a psychologist ? I like to earn my degree as quickly as possible and conveniently as possible considering that I'm expecting my first child. I'll be a single mother who has to juggle school and work and parenting , so I'm trying to weigh my options . Any advice I can get quite appreciated.

  • Men's preferences for women's body types?

    1. What female body type do you prefer? a) ... b) ... (I know most men probably prefer the guy in the middle, but this is a psychological test and / or, so do not avoid the issue, since it is linked to the next) 2. Do you have a preference for women at all low or high? Comment ..... 3. How tall are you? a) about 3 to 5'' 5'' 6 b) about 7 to 5 5'''' 10 c) about 0 to 6 6'''' 2 d) 6'' 3 4. How broad is physical? a) the broad shoulders and chest b) relatively thin c) Average 5. Do you work with regularly? a) most days of the week-I drink protein shakes too b) every week c) sometimes d) never 6. How old are you? a) 18-25 b) 26-30 c) 31-40 d) 41-50 e) 50 7. Do you have children? a) yes b) 8. Do you believe in evolutionary theories of attraction? 9. Do you think curvy women are better carriers of the child (ie, 0.6 hip and birth)? 10. Do you think that thin women to be physically active in child rearing (ie, more likely to participate in the games park, sports, child could run and carry the burning of the house)? Ok I know some of these questions may seem a little silly to you, but it's all part of my psychology degree and before putting these questions in a real test I'm just trying here first, thanks for your time, I hope you find this as interesting as I do :)

  • I want to get my master's degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?

    Hello ... I have a B.A. Psychology I got from Oral Roberts University in 2003. I've been working in the social services field for the past six years. I do not want to continue my education in all matters relating to social services (ie, counseling, therapist, etc.) Would like to pursue a master's degree in something under the umbrella of IT. I'm also thinking of going to school online, and I work full time and I do not want to have to go to a traditional school if it has to. I did a semester at ITT Tech line a couple of years ago and enjoyed the experience online. I was working on an associate's degree in computer forensics. In fact, I am very fascinated with this field, so I would like to continue in the graduate level. In the arena of the teacher, not usually called Computer Forensics however. I am also interested in learning to program applications on the computer. What program would include computer security and computer programming (software engineering)? I've been debating between a few online schools (1) Kaplan (who has a Master of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Information Security and Assurance). (2) University of Phoenix has a Masters in Information Systems. This is a kind of wide but has courses in information security and computer programming. (3) Virginia College offers a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. This is very specific and there is no computer programming courses. (4) Keller Graduate School of Management has an MBA in Information Systems with a specialization in Information Security. Finally, (5) AIU has a Masters in Information Technology specializing in Internet security. Now these are just the schools I have researched and talked with academic advisors and I'm thinking of attending (In fact, I researched a bit more, but for some reason, removed). Out of the 5 online schools I mentioned, is there not considered personally and why? I've heard good stories and have heard horror stories. All five of the schools I mentioned are accredited. Can you offer any college or programs, for the case that may be a better fit than I can look based on the information I have given you about myself? I know I've written a lot of information. I feel that the academic advisors of these specific schools are biased and I love a unbiased viewpoint I also want to add the latter as a side note, I used to work with therapists and social workers for child victims of sexual abuse. Our agency worked with the police department, sheriff's department, the district attorney's office, etc, etc. This is when I really got involved in computer forensics, because I would like to know how to go to the computer of a suspect and recover data lost that clear thinking (ie, a pedophile child pornography) and that is what the degree should provide for me. And as I said before, I also like to know how to program applications or actually the computer software that can be used in the field or in related fields. Please help ... I'm trying to make a decision later this year in hopes of starting school in early 2010. I know I said a lot and written a book, but this version is actually reduced since the beginning of this process .... Thanks for your feedback ...

  • Transferring from social work to psychology?

    I have a Bachelor of Social Work , and after a year of social work practice I realized that it's not just me. It puts a lot of pressure and responsibilities of each employee and not just what I thought it would . The reality is that there are very few opportunities to do fieldwork instead we are stuck behind the table trying to stay on top of our recording ! Ok so where do I go from here . I know I definitely want to continue working with children , I'm intereseted in the analysis of human behavior , body language . so I'm thinking that child psychology is the route I have to go down. But where do you start , do I have to do a degree in Psychology / MA in psychology ? how easy it would transfer ? Can anyone help ? ? ? ? ?

  • How difficult is it to be a foster parent?

    My husband and I want to be foster parents. We are both very stable in our careers and have a big house . I have a degree in psychology and both have a huge heart to help troubled youth and have much experience with them . We have been married for 10 years . We are active in the Church, volunteer work , etc. Our only drawback is that they have much leeway in our budget . I know that the state pays a stipend to help care for the children , but is it enough ? And also will deny us because of our income even though everything else is great ? My heart goes out to these children and I have really wanted to help. Thank you !

  • One unhappy career picking individual that really needs advice?

    I really need other people's opinions right now. I will choose the best answer to who answers the question . I need help deciding what to do with my future . I have my bachelor's degree in sociology / psychology minor ( because I could not make notes for psychology ) . After earning a degree plan on pursuing a master's degree in social work . But before I did I wanted to work with children first as director of Residential Care to see what it's like to work with children . It's exhausting work to the point where my days off I want to stay home and have some time with me because children are demanding . I really thought twice about what I wanted to go . Seeing how social workers are exploited in the field , so I thought I wanted to do counseling in the first place , why not a master's in counseling instead? so I'm looking at the information that you might as well go for a PhD with an expertise that is not going to compete with a PhD would be an uphill battle . Meanwhile, I want to do something with my life that a living wage (40 - 50G ) at some point. I've been thinking about getting into the Air Force for a couple of years it seems that is what I need . Structure , things are done in an orderly manor . The sense of pride of being in the Air Force. It is fascinating to me , but I hope it is not the grass is greener on the other side effect . I know the post . and neg . service . I have researched extensively ! It seems like you really could as a hierarchical work environment put on a uniform and serve the country traveling and making a difference . So I look for advice or just join the army and I will do ? Advice is appreciated really sorry for the long post , but I do not know what else to do !

  • ATTENTION PAGEANT GIRLS! I need help writing an introduction?

    I am a girl of 18, with only a couple of years of competition . I need help writing an introduction for the next contest I'm competing in. I am actively involved in my community / state I am an active member of Relay for Life is the county relay my life as a consultant I am also president of my local chapter of FCCLA my goal in life is to receive a master's in psychology and work with children who suffer from abuse . also a quote that I included in previous presentations I've done is that I love for Princess Diana

  • How long will a career as a counseling psychologist be in demand?

    I'm interested in psychology. After graduation I plan to attend a college to get a degree then right after that I want to work towards a PhD . Now , a PhD is time consuming and I'm willing to spend almost ten years in school . I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision . I do not want to spend my life working on something that can not profit . [ QUESTION 1 ] I will graduate from high school in 2014 and go directly to college from there , there will be great demand for counseling psychologist once I graduate with a PhD? [ QUESTION 2 ] I can do the work of counseling with a Master ? ( For example : Counseling children in an office . ) [ QUESTION 3 ] A career in psychology pay good money ? (Enough to raise a family and still have a lot of free money just in case things happen. ) I really I have not many people outside of my family and friends to talk, so I would really appreciate the help . :)

  • School Psychology vs. studying special ed.?

    I'm trying to decide between becoming a resource specialist , or school psychologist . I have a college degree. I live in California and spent my CBEST and CSET . At the point , I wanted to teach Elementary. I was in a program for it , but I was more interested in Ed.and Special School Psychology . What I can expect from both programs and jobs? I sincerely want to help the children of my heart . Where I can make the greatest impact ?

  • Wanting to go to school to..?

    I 'm halfway done with my transfer degree , I found a nearby college that offers a degree in psychology . I want to do something where I can be an advisor / counselor at a high school or community college or im thinking about working with children with mental illness . Is there anything I should specialize in ? Does anyone here go to school for that, what is your advice? Still I have a little forward , but I want to be as prepared as I can for this so any information or advice from experience would be great! I am also thinking of minoring in communications ? im wondering if I am on the right track , or completely off.

  • Should I take a shot at another girl? Please view my details before you judge.?

    I've been with my current girlfriend for about 2 1/2 years. Although I love her , the story of his life can be a bit of a burden to me . We liked each other in high school and were able to meet two years after I graduated . We are very compatible , but the problems are: She has a son age 4 Community College 's starting I never had a steady job My family thinks it's not good enough for me Tomorrow, I will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice and I'm interested in a girl who also graduated with a degree in Psychology , basically if we do not act soon , I will probably never see again. < Br > Now I have 21 and have never had gaps in employment since the age of 16 years and I like this girl shares some of the same characteristics that I value. However, I believe in the motto ,

  • My Dream Career and Greatest Goal in Life is to Help At-Risk Girls. What Should My College Major Be?

    I was personally a child at risk and from a personal experience first hand a few terrors that girls at risk are exposed . Fortunately , I enrolled in a school at risk surprising alternative girls completely changed my life , gave me hope for the future , supported me through many difficult times and helped me grow into a strong young woman . In fact, it actually became the