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  • Please can you help me with completing my child psychology course by answerig 2 quick yes or no questions?

    Hello parents and thank you for opening my question . I am currently studying to become a child psychologist and as the last of my career I have to conduct a survey . I'm doing my study on Josef Fritzl and Elizabeth . If you've heard the story on the news , he is the man of 72 years for the past 24 years has kidnapped , trapped and raped his own daughter Elizabeth . Who know has six living children of his father . My first question is , has shown that Josef Fritzl was sexually and physically absued as a child by his mother , do you think this is the cause of his personality disorder and why he is abusing his own daughter ?

  • I'm 16 and I want to be a single mom?

    I've been thinking about having a baby alone for almost a year . I thought of all the possibilities and what might happen . If I put the baby in October then I will have the baby in the summer . Go through grade 12 . So instead of taking a year to do a six month to one year of taking care of my baby 1 year old . Then I can start taking my courses in psychology and criminology ( I want to be a cop ) . Then I can start my career , when my son is 6 or 7 . I have a mother and a brother who would be very supportive , and I could probably register as nanny .... My first son would be named Ilan (two i ) and my first girl was mine (although I'm open to change) I know what it is to raise a child , my uncle has a 3 years I spent a lot of time from birth until now . I talked to my mother about this and she thinks I'm too young , but I know that I'm ready to make that sacrifice .

  • Younger moms and older moms: What were the advantages/disadvantages? (read below)?

    First, some background : I have 23 years ( Feb. 24 ) and I have been married for three years, living together for four. My husband will graduate from college in three months , and I will graduate in late May '09 . In the future , I will enter a graduate program in psychology . We both have job opportunities lined up for after graduation . Now the real question : After having a child , do you think having a baby at a younger age (ie , treated so that should soon after graduation ) would be beneficial in terms of child health, get my body ( you know I had to ask) , energy level , etc ? For those of you who waited until their thirties / thirty years to have a child , or those with a second or third place in those years , what is your opinion . My husband is happy with the idea of ​​having a child with me , and he has experienced because younger children have a brother who is 10 years younger and a sister who is 5 years younger . Sorry for all the details , I just want a bit of experience with the entry . Thank you all !

  • What am I to do? I need some direction. Any advice?

    God, where do I start this? When I was little, my mother cheated on my father. He committed suicide because of this. Then I developed a severe case of misogyny. A few years later, my mother had a car accident that claimed his life, as did my brother. Then I went to live with my grandmother, because she was the only bit of family I had left. A succeeded in school without any effort at all. When I turned 15, I started taking drugs. It's not marijuana, but cocaine and pills. Pills proved to be my choice. I did not graduate from high school because of this and I wandered around with no purpose in life. My grandmother got sick one day and told me I have to get my life together. Not wanting to disappoint her further, I stopped the drug and returned to school to finish my course requirements in record time and get my diploma. I was lucky and got a great job soon. Finally I moved. About 4 months after leaving, my grandmother passed. It took me three days to break to mourn because I hit him so hard, I was numb. After that, I went to college. I still maintain a regular spot on the dean's list every semester with very little effort. I went for psychology. Visit psychology early, actually - when I was about 6 years. I was always a good listener and had a genuine wish to help others. I can not understand what happened around the world - even if I have not passed by myself. I wanted to learn more about the people, and most importantly: me. I continued to do my thing until I met someone. I worked at my job for about four years when he began. She was hired as a manager of training for the office staff. Everybody loved her, she was attractive, I have to admit, but I felt that his kindness was not authentic. Not only that, she was so cute. I just ignored it completely. Even when she tried to talk to me, I kept my answers brief and quite cold. His vanity did not really work on me, and I think it really bothered him. I was the only ignoring her, and she could not stand it. This made it even more difficult to treat, but to no avail. It's just that women do not respond the way most men because of what my mother did to my father. They said she was always asking for me from my friends at work. I was flattered, but not interested. Then one day, the two are paired to work on a presentation for the corporate office. What luck, I thought. We ended up talking about everything, but the project. Turns out she is very smart. She is in school for her doctoral thesis. Her husband cheated on her - this resulted in a divorce six years ago. She had her own house and had no children. I kept asking the questions because I do not really want to talk about myself. We ended up winning over the corporate office and even received bonuses for good work. I wanted to celebrate - just her and me So we went. One thing led to another and we started dating. We're still together after two years today. However ... she is 34 and I have only 25. She has family so much he can not even remember his name - I have not a third cousin. You make a list for the store, only going to get what you want - I'm going to the store to buy what sounds good at the time. We are two completely different people, but I do not know what she sees in me. That brings rise to my question. The other night, we were lying in bed, talking about random things. We ended up talking about creatures that mate for life. Penguins, wild ducks, love birds, so I bring up the flower basket of Venus - a sponge. She laughs. I said that two baby shrimp - a man and a woman - inside swim through your pores. They are so long, they grow too big to leave the sponge. They breed and raise young. Eventually, all the young leave and shrimp stay there forever. She smiles. Then came the question.

  • Does she like me? And should I pursue it or let it pass?

    There's a girl I really like. Seem to look at each other 5-6 in each class and his eyes seem to be your best physical feature. In French class, when I put my shoes back slightly, she would slip her shoes under mine as if caressing my shoes each class for 5 weeks before we had a seat change. He started only five minutes and then it was like 40 min. He stayed in the same seat and I moved one seat up and right. Then the guy behind me pushed me with his pen as if to say that looking at his back and looked back and saw that she does her nails looking down, it was so different from nature and looks a bit unnatural. Also, twice in bio class, leaning on me (and it seemed to be leaning on it too) to look at my study guide and his face looked very happy. In the hallway, when she is talking to other people, I could see her eyes look at me from the corner of his eye for 1-2 seconds and then his eyes went back to the person who is having a conversation. After class ends, when that happens, I could see from the corner of my eye that looks for 1 second, then dart back and she leaves class. Two days ago, in the philosophy class, we could sit wherever we wanted and sat next to me with his friends (one large table group 6). Seemed to apply lip gloss a few times, touching his arm a few times, which seemed odd, changing the cross-legged position on the soles of her shoes face behind his position. And she seemed to look under the table a bit. When the soles of his shoes against the inverse of his forehead with his left hand (to write) and other hands (though not written) seemed to put between her thighs and looked like he was shaking hands and remembered the classroom to be very hot that day and I remember that as one of his habits. The paradox is that she wants to be a professor of psychology and it is well aware of the behavior of others, as well as yours. But almost never speaks, even though sometimes I send small gifts online at Facebook and said thanks. His birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of giving a small teddy bear and a 8.6 caret amethyst jewel in the shape of a heart that was cut especially (and yes it was expensive). Does seem strange gift? I have respect for my father and my mother's intelligence (the best of both parents), but did not inherit great social skills. I'm much better now with social skills, but decomposes at balls though. My friends say that I look like a movie star and say a lot of girls like me, but I never seem to pay attention and notice. Too busy finishing my studies in high school: D. We seem to have very different interests. She likes to get to the top and joins the national competition. I love the Chemistry Olympiad. I like classical music and loves rock music and get all these entries, and articles to be a writer for She is the president of the CDSC (highest position held by any student), student council, event coordinator, participated in many forums, conferences, parliament, planning Fundraising Free for children across the district , etc, and I'm just the president of the chemistry club. People with even half of your resume can get into Harvard, and she's going to Harvard. She said she likes all moins les mathématiques. But she seems to beat most of the boys in mathematics and is two degrees ahead too. She is an interesting person and the questions she asks in class are like "wow ... why not see it that way." She is literally one of those people (I mean everyone) we could only see a few times or maybe once in your life. So I can say anything or just let this happen? She seems to be a very busy person and I really do not want to add burden to her.

  • Psychology BA degree and working with young children?

    If I pursue a psychology degree I will be able to work with young children ? My psychology professor babies tested view , responsiveness , hearing and other related tests . The work sounds very interesting . A bachelor's degree is enough to make this work , or any work with young children ? Finally , what would a masters in psychology allows me to do career wise? Thanks for all answers :)

  • I've just realized preschool teacher is my dream job but i am still confused now?

    I just realized preschool teacher is my dream job, but I'm still confused now As I think it was a good education in my childhood , so I really want my children and generations after us can have a good education in his childhood . I have read some books on child psychology , but I think it is absolutely not enough. The question is , my major was international business in college that is nothing to do with early childhood education.And I have no experience in this field , I am a little confused . What I can make my dream come true ? What should I do in the first step ? Do I need to take courses at a university or just some Traning programs ? Could you name some good college for early childhood education / early childhood education ? ( Any university , worldwide ) I am 23yrs , I think it is too late to study . Thanks in advance for your help!

  • If I want to write children's books, what major would best suit me?

    I am really interested in writing books for children as a career hopefully in the future , but I'm also interested in psychology , child psychology.I maybe even wondered if maybe having a writing major in writing, or creative and minor in child psychology would be best for my interests in this field ?

  • Can I take two Colleges? One online and one offline?

    I want to go to SAIC , which is supposedly one of the best universities in Chicago creative . But I also want to be a Psychologist ( Child Therapist , to be exact ) , but have no psychology courses there. Can I go to college and take a course in psychology online ?

  • Todatys Music aint got the same SOUL!!!! ah LUV tha ol time Rock and Rule!!!! loud!!!! Got talent? what now?

    We have to move away from the old colleague and lurid letters and plagerists where judges are not checked for material through the shock only! Not my style of music was leveled unjustly only because Jack won the gong for not being Barbershop? Okay so I guess it was music junkie with a good pace, allowing the program to make money from criminal activity would be illegal and that its assets seized the whole star city wherever that is? Ask David Hicks family trusts are? Makes sense? What or who decides what is popular when a group of boys are raised to be superficial as precoscious as Frank Sinartra live your dreams or parents of a child hood wasted, all talents recently excluded, of course, the assimalee, but what is popular? Surely a guy with a powerful voice of 14 years is a reason to support the music industry and ask why the Hawkesbury has all these little music schools and conservatory absolutely no and no and no UNI TAFE teaching how to make the talent shows and get better contestants, most people hide the fact that they are in the music conservatory or university education or even after they are valuable advertising dollars on television. So if executives want just talent show winner a unique talent to control the industry, why not make the entire industry more competative? My opinion is that they want to act bad example to encourage people to participate in the contest oh heck I can do better than that? People doing eash but apparently it is? Pychologically Quazon was a study of stigma that prejudice final attracted a whole lot of abuse, a woman even gave the TV off, such was the level of anger-making? You have not seen? Oh dear? Shallow holes empty lives Look not everyone seeks the meaning of life or the truth about yourself you would too, but had I thought why not Beta blockers were Quazon broke through being removed as an evil act but stumbled buzzers goodbye one? Why? Yes, why not? Nobody ever wrote a television talent show becomes an Act announcement strong principles of marketing until 2010, its innovative work, the judges did not know what hit them even a shock jock was surprised to be surprised? What song Quazon want to sing? Voice range is 6.5 Hz to audable as synchronized by a guitar tuner and microphone to lecture. boring eh! Can not find the whistle really beautiful Adam Lopez is guiness book of records yet. It is known as the voice of his country a kind of music Cornus Spiral Middle Bass is named after the type of amplifier and also the fact that it has an element of rich sounds very deep. The voice was poisoned preaudition day and over a week away from the series, absolutely free for all Quazon had to think fast about how to stop the singing of the act there is intense four-hour planning psychology marketing and distribution. Quazon pulled every trick in the nutrition of your voice to get in just four eighths larangitis a terrible tone in just a week, usually its eight octaves but heck? It's a go!

  • Becoming a Psychologist?

    I am interested in starting a career in psychology . I began my studies in psychology in 2009 where he studied at the University of Phoenix for a year before transferring to my local university . I was not impressed with the curriculum at UOP and I felt I was not getting the proper education needed for the price I was paying . I also was not impressed with the credibility of UOP , I guess it has a big effect on my career and employment opportunities as a psychologist . The problem is that my local college only offers an associates degree , which is then expected to transfer to a state university to continue my education . What I want to know is what are the best schools to earn a doctorate ( over time , of course you need to start with a BA ) in Florida ? As a psychologist , is there a difference if you went to a state university ? Does it affect his credibility as a psychologist ? I like to earn my degree as quickly as possible and conveniently as possible considering that I'm expecting my first child. I'll be a single mother who has to juggle school and work and parenting , so I'm trying to weigh my options . Any advice I can get quite appreciated.

  • Has anyone felt like this?

    I'm taking some psychology classes as electives . Since I started reading the textbooks started having bad thoughts . I'm on zoloft and kolonapin for anxiety . I read about people killing themselves and others , and so on , and it really struck me . I keep thinking why, why, why do people do things like that . I have read about people who lose control of themselves . I am by no means suicidal . I have fear of death , but after reading these things that I have developed a fear of losing control . Can anyone give me some advice on how to change my thinking . It's like I've become obsessed with the thought why people do things like this, and what makes it so. My psychatrist says I have an anxiety problem and because I cam off zoloft cold turkey , my problem did not disappear . I felt good until I took psychology course . Can someone please advice me on what to do . I have a child of one year old who needs me and right now I 'm enjoying it lost in my thoughts all the time .

  • How to get into social work with bachelor's degree in a different field?

    I have 22 years and I am graduating in December with my degree in Family

  • What class should i take my senior year?

    Okay so I have to pick my courses and I'm so confused . I want to be a psychiatrist and the first year I have only one AP class is AP Spanish next year I will not take a language course . So I am forced to take English Theology , 12 and a Social Studies class . So for English class that I'm thinking about taking AP English and social studies would take Economics and Government . And theology 12. So now I have to choose electives . I take 4 electives. but then I take a science class and math class and just do psychology child psychology and regular. If I take a science class would Anatomy

  • Psychology Problem (Thanks!)?

    Since the experiment in which ... A researcher is interested in understanding how color can affect mood nursery . You get access to three rooms of a school for study. One room painted red , the other blue and green third. You get the consent of the 30 school children to participate in the study : 10 grade 1, 10 grade 2 and 10 grade 3 . Then allocated 10 grade 1 to the red room , 10 grade 2 to the blue room and 10 grade 3 to the green room . She lays hidden cameras in every room to observe their behavior in the course of half an hour , while carrying out simple tasks together . Later, she played the videotape each room and count the number of times each child smiles or laughs ( ie happy ) and frowns or cries (ie , feeling sad ) . Why can it be bad that is analyzing the video tapes ?

  • Can't decide career path?

    I have started the process of looking at graduate programs ( I'm in my third year undergraduate ) and am having trouble deciding what career I want to start . My undergraduate degree is in psychology , majoring in political science . I'm really interested in two fields of psychology, counseling and school psychology . I love working with children / adolescents and that's what attracts me to school psychology . But I do not want to just limit this age group or for a school environment . People told me that if I get a masters / PhD in counseling , I can still be a counselor at school . But school psychology encompasses more than just counseling. Basically , if anyone in any of these areas can give me a little help would be greatly appreciated !

  • Thinking about my future...?

    Okay so I've always wanted to be a success when I grow up, (which is a very rare thing to wait for) well since I was young I had a reoccuring thought about how to succeed or what could become - things wanted to do when I grew up. I've always been an observer, and even as a child (stories when I was three, four and five) I've always wanted to help people. This brings me to the idea of ​​going to college for a higher / doctorit in psychology and neuroscience or. I was also always interested in interior design and arcitecture, but acknowledged that being a psychologist or neurologist would be much more stable incomes and opportunities. Im not really positive what I want to do yet but will undoubtedly fall into one of these catagories. So anyway, the structure at home has never been one to promote sports, extracurricular activities, good grades, or anything that would define a primary student. For the past school year, I strove to exceed expectations, going from the bottom of my algebra class, to scoring the best score of the students from sixty-one in three of the rest of the note. I've always been smart, scoring a 1400 on my SATs in the beginning of the seventh grade without preparation. (I am only in eighth grade, next year I'll be a freshman) I have things I should be doing, and sticking to enter a great school, (I like Dartmouth, Duke, UCONN, but I'm still looking at many others), because I've never been exposed to the expectation accedemic as my peers have. I'm taking two French next year, and also plans to take two years of German along with that, and as many AP courses as I can fit. Just give me some tips to prepare for AP classes, schools, and things I should start doing that I will make a student more desirable to the Ivy League universities and so on.

  • How long will a career as a counseling psychologist be in demand?

    I'm interested in psychology. After graduation I plan to attend a college to get a degree then right after that I want to work towards a PhD . Now , a PhD is time consuming and I'm willing to spend almost ten years in school . I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision . I do not want to spend my life working on something that can not profit . [ QUESTION 1 ] I will graduate from high school in 2014 and go directly to college from there , there will be great demand for counseling psychologist once I graduate with a PhD? [ QUESTION 2 ] I can do the work of counseling with a Master ? ( For example : Counseling children in an office . ) [ QUESTION 3 ] A career in psychology pay good money ? (Enough to raise a family and still have a lot of free money just in case things happen. ) I really I have not many people outside of my family and friends to talk, so I would really appreciate the help . :)

  • Questions...Studying Psychology...??

    Ok , basically I am interested in becoming a child psychologist but I'm pretty confused at the moment .. Can someone please tell me what I would need qualification .. Currently I'm in England , and would study psychology for my ALevels ... However, if possible , I want to go to college in America , and I'm looking to live in the United States when he is older .. Would my valid level in psychology in the United States ? Because I know that you do not have 6th Form (like college, but connected to our high schools ) Or would it be better to study psychology at the Uni English and then go to the U.S. or what? Also, do not worry if you can not answer that, but can anyone say different fields and careers in child psychology ? Thanks :)

  • How to deal with a stranger at your room?

    Ok so here's the story and tragedy from the beginning : My mother 's sister died recently (3 days ago) breast cancer . He had little enough money to many family and friends helped pay his chemos and all that, but he died anyway because the cancer was in his body . There were two children . A 9 -year- old boy and a 3- year-old The big problem started since his death , we will say that the children's father is an alcoholic , drug addict aggressive man who has not had a job for 4 years . He became very aggressive since his girlfriend died and kicked their children out of the house (do not ask about legal stuff , but the judge said that because his father psychology children can not and will not be with him unless he enters a rehabilitation program , so I guess it will not) . Now my mom told me that due to the age of children ( minors) who would have to stay in our house for a